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Existence of Billionaires 'Immoral'...    I Give 'Zero' F*cks...    POLL: 74% of Dems would vote for her for president!    Buzz Hits Davos as Dalio Says 70% Tax Talk to Rise...    CORTEZ CRACKS: WORLD ENDING IN 12 YEARS!    LIST: OSCAR NOMS...    SNUBS...    'ROMA,' 'FAVOURITE' LEAD...    Shutdown damage to exceed cost of wall?    Fund border with porn tax? Lawmaker says yes...    TSA calls up National Deployment Officers to operate checkpoints...    Political shifts, sales slump cast shadow over gun industry...    Murders in Mexico set new record...    BATTLE OF AGES!    VEGAS: PATRIOTS Favorites...    'NFL bleaux it': Billboards protest missed call...    54 MILLION WATCH AFC TITLE GAME...    Laser Pointed at Brady's Face...    Terror warning for sports venues over drones...    ZAP: Electric Therapy Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD; Could Remake Brain Science...    Fake ICBM missile warning over NEST system sends family into panic...    At SUNDANCE, powerhouse documentaries will be everywhere...    Pope unveils new 'Click to Pray' app...    GOOGLE fined for French privacy breach...    EU antitrust cop lays groundwork for more scrutiny...    Russia Accuses FACEBOOKTWITTER of Failing to Comply With Laws...    Sheryl Sandberg 'Typhoid Mary' of Surveillance Capitalism...    Surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case...    Stressed out and at risk: Inside UBER special investigations unit...    Natural beauty of wildlife beneath the waves revealed in stunning pics...    High levels of cocaine in Thames making eels 'hyperactive'...    Italy takes fight to new generation in Mafia sting...    Gunman Steals Puppies From Lady During Walk in DC...    Rise of Satanism in America...    FOXNEWS anchor Bret Baier car flips during vacation, family hospitalized...    MESS: Giuliani tries to clean up comments about Trump Tower Moscow...    Lawyer for MAGA Hat Teens Threatens Lawsuits Against Media...    'Black Hebrews' taunt...    Bolsonaro sells 'new Brazil' to Davos elite...    Fear and zeal over more guns...    Rio to test facial-recognition cameras during Carnival...    In Versailles, Macron vows reform to avoid king's fate...    226 years after Louis XVI decapitation...    Signs of fraying in military support for Venezuela president...    Forces clash with protesters...    USA to back Juan Guaido?    Singer Chris Brown arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape...    Manny Pacquiao home burglarized while he fought in Vegas...    Philippine Law Would Make 9-Year-Olds Criminally Liable...    Flight attendant says overweight traveler forced her to wipe his butt...    Russian plane bound for Moscow in suspected hijacking...    Egypt TV host handed year jail term after interviewing gay man...    Bible site where 'God met Moses' to be bulldozed for 'super city'...    'Tree Man' dreams of cure as rare skin disease returns...    Armed with affection, octogenarian is 'octopus whisperer'...    Air pollution affects happiness...    Europe plan to mine the moon...    Run Faster! Treadmill Generating Electricity...    China's second gene-edited fetus is 12-14 weeks old: scientist...    Democrats out to stop House members from living in offices...    Dems lurch left on top policies as 2020 primary begins...    Iowa prepares for mother of all caucuses...    Bernie's Do-Over Hinges on Better Results in South...    Chinese stars hit with $1.62 billion in 'cold winter' tax crackdown...    Xi warns of 'serious dangers'...    JOHN OF GOD: Streets once filled with people in white now ghost town...    Local economy collapse...    Never mind climate change: 1,500 private jets at Davos!    Gap between rich and poor growing, fuelling global anger...    Counterrevolution to populism happening all over world...    Hedge fund tycoon's recent spending on homes at least $664,000,000!    Burned-out billionaires taking extended sabbaticals to recharge...    New IRS spy software is ultimate Big Brother...    Antony and Cleopatra's long lost tomb 'FOUND' and is set to be uncovered...

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Welcome To The  Edwards Notebook

Welcome to Ron Edwards will rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society. Ron Edwards is the host and founder of the award winning radio commentary, The Edwards’ Notebook. It brings to light and provides solutions for the concerns we all share in a thought provoking manner. The Edwards’ Notebook is heard in over 56 different markets by 3- 4 million listeners daily. Weekends over 135 markets.

Ron Edwards is going to bridge the gap of foolish thinking to the reality of a sound minded morally driven society. The truth is we must rebuild the core bases that create a civilized society. The Seven Pillars of Society reestablished with the partners of The Edwards Notebook. Family, Providential Guidance, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Media, Government.

Listen to a 2 day interview with Ron Edwards on CPR Media, Constitutional Patriot Radio Network. April 29 and 30th


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