Yet Another Reason Among Many To Love Texas

While growing up in Cleveland, I learned about the plight of the suffering that Jewish people endured at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis of Germany.  My Dad, our Jewish friends and lessons at school were my primary sources of being made aware of their plight.  Recently, Texas governor Greg Abbot led a delegation to Israel to foster more shared economic growth.  Yes Texas, known as the Lone Star State is arguably America‚Äôs number one state for economic opportunities.  Whether seeking a job, working toward opening a new business, or relocating an established business enterprise from an overtaxing and regulatory oppressive state like California or New Jersey, Texas is one of the best places to go.  Texas cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and even leftist leaning Austin are prosperous, growing and blessed with an atmosphere of optimism and real opportunities.  You may wonder why I went from focusing on learning about the Jewish people while growing up in Cleveland, a city awakening from economic and aesthetic doldrums, to discussing Texas. 

OK, the reason being is that Texas under the leadership of perhaps the best governor the Lone Star State, Gregg Abbot is in my opinion, displaying the wisdom of Solomon by building economic ties with Israel.  Not only did I learn about the ups and downs of Jewish history, I also was schooled about the biblical encouragement to not be an enemy of Israel.  In fact, the Bible plainly states He who blesses Israel shall be blessed, but he who curses Israel shall be cursed.  I find that scripture to be played out throughout the world.  For example, let us take a look at Israel itself.  In and around Jerusalem there are Jewish, Christian and Muslim sections.  Both the Christian and Jewish sections are mostly clean and their farmlands are green and fertile.  The Christians are a blessing to the Jewish people and whether the Jewish people recognize it or not, the Christians live a blessed life in Israel.  The opposite is true regarding the Muslims, who are well treated by the Israeli government and the people as a whole.  

But the Muslims or Palestinians are down right vicious, not only to the Jewish people, but to everyone walking who is not Muslim/Palestinian.  On top of that they brutalize their own Palestinian women.  So if you venture into the Muslim sections, they are a dusty brown with little to almost no ability to grow crops on their land.  The only reason the Palestinians have anything to eat is because of the generosity of the Jewish and Christian farmers who consistently have an abundance of crops.  Europeans now import most of their fruits and vegetables from Israel.  The Israeli desert is blooming like never before.  Contrary to common false belief, the Palestinians are in reality from Jordan and are being used as a political thorn in the side of Israel.   But I digress.  

Texas governor  Abbot has in my opinion set the Lone Star State up for tremendous blessings in the years and decades to come.  Not long ago, the Texas governor signed into law an anti boycott Israel bill that would limit those whose focus is to unjustly sanction and divest from Israel.  His signing of the bill has made Texas the 18th state in the union to take action against the bigoted anti-Israel BDS movement.  But unlike the other state governors who also signed laws against the anti Israel movement, Texas governor Abbot publicly defends Israel on his social media accounts and has visited Israel twice for Texas-Israel economic trade missions.  Like president Trump, Governor Abbot is a true friend of Israel and espouses the unbreakable bond between the State of Israel and the United States of America.