The Useful Idiots Just Won’t Go Away Yet

Throughout American history useful and in some cases not so useful idiots have always tried to gum up the works in society. When the communists took supreme power in Russia in 1917, Vladimir Lenin created a unique phrase to describe those who would unwittingly support his sinister and deadly agenda for his nation and the world at large—"the useful idiots.” Throughout the twentieth century, this phrase would be come to be associated with a whole slew off leftist political movements ranging from Communism, Socialism, and Nazism in the early to just after the Second World War. 

Then feminism, animal “rights,” “homosexual’ rights, and the equally destructive environmentalist activism today. 

Each has had its share of useful idiots, individuals like Walter Duranty and John Reed, who foolishly believed the future of Man lay in the so-called new Soviet Union. I was disappointed as heck to learn that the great Charles Lindbergh sang the praises of Adolph Hitler’s Germany along with the notorious Joseph P. Kennedy.

Big time in their own mind Hollywood celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger foolishly bought into the animal “rights” fiasco. Then came along Danny Glover, the brutal Sean Penn and Oliver Stone were completely duped by Venezuela’s awful dictator Hugo Chavez. The so-called “global warming” now more famously known as “climate change” movement has its parade of useful idiots as well. The world’s most famous environmentalist former Vice president Al Gore and former NASA administrator James Hansen.

The case is no different when it comes to the issues of abortion, birth control, and sterilization, beginning with democrat party racist, Margaret Sanger and her evil Negro Project. When she wrote her vile letter to Clarence J. Gamble on December 10, 1939 admitting she needed black ministers with engaging personalities to spread her evil mission of eugenics, true agenda: to eliminate as many blacks as possible. The term “useful evil idiot” most certainly applies to those monstrous black ministers and other leaders who shuffled along and convinced their own parishioners and black Americans in general to terminate their babies via abortion. Margaret Sanger, along with her cohorts, people like avowed democrat racists Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard and numerous others saw blacks as genetically inferior and only worthy of extermination.

Every government school, college, and university are literally chock full of democrat/useful idiots who continue the mad mission to literally destroy our nation from within by poisoning students mentally and turning them into succeeding generations of useful idiots. During the racist Woodrow Wilson administration, serious actions were taken by government useful idiots to prepare for the time when the United States would formally adopt a one size fits all government school system. They knew when that goal was achieved, they could church out useful idiots by the millions annually. So now our beloved republic is saturated with useful idiots in almost every area of influence and commerce. 

Because useful idiot adults ranging from unwise parents to demonically driven educators and misguided preachers, almost half of all American millennials have never, ever heard or were properly instructed in the areas of morality, family, economics, GOD, the United States, proper parenting, etc. So it is not shocking that they are useful idiot soldiers in the corrupt mission to undermine our republic by ignorantly being against those who have our nation’s best interest at heart.

It is the programmed useful idiots in American slums today who literally oppose policies and actions that would if participated in bring about both a higher standard of living and less crime. But how can a population want what’s best for the nation if they are so idiotic that they in masse have been programmed to not care about the lives of their own babies?

The continued popularity of Sleepy Joe Biden among black Americans is proof of how well a population of sovereign individuals are deliriously happy to vote for the very political office holders who have held them back, intellectually, economically and spiritually. 

Speaking of useful idiots for harm. When I attended the recent NRB Convention in Nashville, I was dismayed by many useful idiots who would walk out of the men’s facilities without washing their hands. I remember thinking how easily the spread of disease could happen, if there were to be an outbreak of some sort of virus. 

That was days before the Coronavirus outbreak. I am sure those and many more useful idiots of filth are probably still not utilizing healthy practices like washing their hands! I am convinced that the United States will not in our lifetimes be taken down or over thrown by external enemies. But if we as a nation do not reverse the trend of mass idiot production, our beloved republic will one day be overrun by useful idiots who will carry out the desires of those foreign enemies who seek to destroy us. Antifa, black lives matter and democrats in general are already idiotically working to destroy our republic. 

Wake up America the republic you save from useful idiots may be your own. God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.