The Life And Death Struggle For America

Gone are the good old days when family members could disagree about political issues. 

If you go all the way back to the hot debates of the Founding Fathers, the hollering and screaming was over the great men wished each other well and together made history. The Founders were more focused upon creating a republic of by and for the people, than trying to discredit one another. The overall goal was to defeat the British and leave a nation that would become the beacon of light for the world of nations to emulate, not invade illegally to take our stuff. Only the Loyalists, the precursor to the Democrat Party sought to undermine the freedom fighters by aiding the British. 

The only other time in American history that came close to our time of a national life and death struggle was during the Civil War. Democrats sought to kill, steal from and destroy anyone who disagreed with their evil system of slavery.

Of course, democrats did not stop there. They have always taken a more oppressive angle on every issue debated or fought over throughout our history. It was democrats who led the charge against the teaching of Judeo/Christian ethics in government schools. They successfully hoodwinked an entire generation of indoctrinated Americans into believing that the Founding Fathers established a separation of church and state clause in the Constitution. 

No such statement is there in that context, but many choose to believe it anyway. 

America is clearly in a “Life and Death Struggle.” 

Whether or not our republic is rescued from the hounds of political hell will be determined in both the classroom and the church. The Founders literally wrote thousands of times about the importance of maintaining America’s connection to God through teaching succeeding generations. They understood and plainly stated that without morality we will not remain a free people.

But now it seems that leftists forgot about their effort to get God, the Constitution, Civics classes, Free Market Economics kicked out of the classroom. So now, there has been an uncovering of evidence of a well orchestrated Islamic propaganda campaign, aimed at educators in government school systems throughout Michigan and several other states. According to a recent report from the Thomas More Law Center, Michigan’s Novi community schools district conducted a two day mandatory seminar for teachers presented by a taxpayer paid muslim consultant. “We found that the teachers were subjected to two days of Islamic propaganda, where Islam was glorified. Christianity disparaged and America bashed. All of that madness funded by Novi, MI. taxpayers.” According to Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center.

The Law Center did not find any evidence that the school district presented a seminar on Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion apart from Islam within the last five years. Huda Essa, a Dearbornistan, MI area resident was paid $5,000 to conduct the two day seminar, but wasn’t fully vetted beforehand, according to information obtained in the Public Records Request. This is just one of thousands of efforts being waged to literally kill our republic in government schools everywhere in America. “We the People” of the United States of America must make the logical decision to do whatever we can to

reestablish authentic education. The road back toward real education for the masses will begin with the awful Department of Education permanently disbanded. If that path is permanently abandoned, our republic will end up succumbing to the political and economic death spiral predicted long ago 

by George Washington and others.

Yes there is the deep state and the swamp, but there is literally no choice but the find ways to defeat the deep state and drain the swamp. The process can begin by refusing to participate with the deep state. For example, parents must grow a pair and be willing to in masse, no longer place their children in the government school indoctrination centers. Parents must get back to the basics concerning right and wrong from a Biblical point of view when instructing their young. After all, it was the hallowed words of the good book along with the wise writings of William Blackstone that were the main inspirations for

forming our exceptional nation. The Bible states that the power of Life and Death are in the tongue.  I would that our younger generations be taught to preserve the life of our America. 

If so then our nation will live and avoid the death march of tyranny.