The Future Of Black Americans

Notice the title of my column is about black Americans. 

Or Americans who happen to be black. 

Not African Americans. The reason being is unless one is from Africa and they legally immigrate to the United States, they are simply American. I do have a successful neighbor who was born in Ghana and yes he is an African American. Long ago president Theodore Roosevelt warned the sovereign citizens born in the United States of America not engage in hyphenated identities. Unfortunately, black Americans were first forcibly segregated by democrat racists via slavery, Jim Crow and soft bigotry after that. The so-called Civil Rights/Bastardized Rights movement during the 1960s did not have the long term positive affect as advertised. In fact, it was completely coopted by Democrat/Communist operatives that artfully persuaded Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to switch from persuading America to live up to her founding virtues to adopting a mobocracy format that places the rights of the chosen mob even the sovereign individual.

The future of American blacks comes down to choices.

1. What they choose to believe.

2. What they choose to teach their children.

3. What road they choose to take in life.

4. What political persuasion they choose to adopt and participate in.

5. What religious direction they choose to adopt.

6. What moral code they choose to exercise.

7. What external influences they choose to allow to impact their children.

Just like the rest of our beloved republic, the black American community is literally at perhaps the most important crossroads in the history of both mankind and our exceptional nation. Together we are literally facing both utter destruction or unprecedented and unlimited opportunities. The black community has been literally pimped by every element of the destructive leftist cabal.

Government schools of indoctrination have persuaded black Americans, no matter their station in life that they are victims of American oppression. Or they are conned into voluntarily being a burden upon their fellow citizens, by victimizing them, (“mostly blacks”) via criminal activity. 

Just recently I had a conversation with a fellow black American who works in the media industry. 

During our chat I mentioned the hypocrisy of the NBA cow towing to the Chinese when a Houston Rocket higher up made a very benign statement concerning free speech in Hong Kong. After the Communist Chinese said they would not be broadcasting NBA pre-season games, Houston Rockets Star James Hardin offered up an itty bitty apology to the Chinese dictators.

I also mentioned how black Americans, whether wealthy or poor simply bitch and moan about police brutality in the United States, which rarely occurs. But most of the time ignore the ongoing brutality of regimes like China and who brutally enslave the citizenry of that nation. The only response my fellow black media personality had was that he did not want to hear that crap and that none of what I said was true. I then brought up the brutal Islamic slavery being inflicted upon blacks in the Sub Sahara. He again said he did not want to hear that crap and that the only truth is America is racist and cops are killing blacks. Such robotic repetition of factual distortion y an educated black American who is blessed with success in the broadcast industry is very concerning to me. 

I am very concerned about the future of Black Americans and the impact they will have on our nation. When you add in the increasing number of brainwashed leftist white students being churned out on the assembly line of government school

indoctrination can be rather daunting. But being the eternal optimist, I refuse to see only doom and gloom for Blacks in America, or for our republic as a whole. When you see the increasing number of young black Americans walking away from and refusing to bow before the golden donkey, it gives me hope for our future. 

Yes, it is true still over 70% percent of Black Americans are leftist democrats who complain, promote hate, condemn the white man and follow the leftist white man’s philosophy. What an irony. 

But let us not forget that history is filled with numerous examples of the remnant securing freedom and liberty.  He majority has always either complained, sat and watched history happen, or died off in their ignorance. 

Ronald Reagan was right when he said that “We have a rendezvous with destiny”. That glorious soon to unveil destiny will be experienced by those of us, whether black, brown, yellow, red or white who are willing to stand and do their part to help restore this sweet land of liberty and justice for all. The negative ones will find themselves in obscurity and utter failure. In fact, to complain means to be left behind.

“The Future of Black Americans”, it will be great for those who choose and work to obtain greatness and like renowned men such as Frederick Douglas, seek Providential guidance. God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God.  Check out “The Edwards Notebook” radio commentary now heard on just over 200 great radio outlets from coast to coast and it’s The Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 1:00 PM PT, 4 :00 PM ET on and terrestrial radio outlets.