The Democrat Party The Same Yesterday Today And Maybe Forever

The democrats have been Hell bent on varying degrees of destruction ever since it was founded in 1829.  If they cannot destroy the republic via over taxation and rampant regulations, democrats figure out ways to either destroy individuals or convince them to destroy themselves.  Democrats loathe black Americans who do not need them and their wretched handouts.  

They particularly disdain successful black man who love our republic, their families and God.  For democrats it is about destroying the ability of “We the People” to live for our own sakes, as opposed to existing according to the big government nanny goat will of leftist elites.  Democrats do not care what, where, when, how, or who they destroy.  So long as there is a lower quality of life for the sovereign individuals or large segments of the population after they implement their ideas, they are happy and feel emboldened to push further.  

Have you ever heard of Josiah Walls or Hiram Rhodes Revels?  How about Joseph Hayne Rainey?  If not, you are not alone.  Both men were among the first Republican congressional representatives elected during the Reconstruction period between 1865 and 1877.  If it were not for my wonderful Dad who first taught me about great Americans I would never have learned about if government school was my only major source for learning.  More importantly Dad made sure I took the time to dig beyond and research for my own good.  He was convinced that the more one knows, the more powerful they are.  

Democrats are aware of that also, that is why they rely upon incurably ignorant masses of Americans they can manipulate to both harm themselves and America.  To put it bluntly, the democrats want to do to the United States, what they successfully perpetrated against the black American community.  

The democrats literally took over the city education systems in predominant black neighborhoods right after the Civil Rights era, or what my Dad called the bastardized rights movement.  Before then, despite other societal issues, if black children went to school, they were always prepared to enter college or university.  Unfortunately, in southern states dominated by racist democrats and even in some norther states, blacks were blocked by democrat racists from entering university or college.  Once the democrats ended the physical blockade against blacks from university and elsewhere, they shape shifted into positions of influence in the education fields.  Soon after, the United States devolved from having the number one education system in the world to number 30 or worse today.  Once democrats could no longer directly destroy people, they figured out how to convince people to destroy themselves, either intellectually, physically, or spiritually.  

There is a reason black females annually murder more of their own babies than there are live births among black Americans. They were brainwashed into accepting democrat racist Margaret Sanger’s goal of blacks wiping themselves out.  They will fight you to the bitter end to maintain easy access to the killing of their babies.  Yet they refuse to even appreciate the blessed principles enumerated in the United States Bill of Rights.  Such madness is the result of the leftist democrat mission to kill, steal from and destroy our American heritage and to send our republic down the sewer hole of corruption and self destruction.   

The black community was a giant petri dish the democrats used to perfect their skills in  bringing harm by screwing over black Americans and convincing them to want it, like it and love it to their own peril.  In 1954 before the bastardized rights movement, 42 percent of black Americans owned businesses of various sizes.  Today, after decades of democrat party domination of the black community, only three percent of black Americans own businesses.  What a road of democrat party domination, indoctrination and utter peril the party of Andrew Jackson has wrought against the black American population.  

Just like the democrats of the 1860s who fought to keep blacks enslaved, so are the democrats today seeking to politically enslave “We the People”.  Their indoctrination has been relentless and has resulted in millions of Americans now vying to be the most useful idiot of all.  

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