So You Think The Atrocities In The Middle East Are Bad Huh?

The recent stupid atrocities perpetrated primarily by Iran are horrendous.  In fact, since 1979, the Iranians who stupidly gave up a great standard of living and relative freedom have been guilty of atrocities of the lowest order.  Particularly, the religious nazis at the top.  The murders of Christians, the Kurds, the Iraqis and yes, the Americans has until now been tolerated and excused.  For forty years the government of Iran and their flunkies have been screaming death to America and death to Israel.  I believe that former president Jimmy Carter will soon have to give an account to his maker for turning his back on freedom and helping the Ayatollah Khamenei to assume power in 1979.  Sure, the Shah of Iran was a flawed national leader and the people were a bit agitated with some of his antics.  But even silly Jimmy Carter should have had enough decency to not support plunging Iran into a much more horrific form of government.  To this day, the majority of Iranians rue the day they allowed their nation to fall to the current utter depths of depravity.  

For decades American politicians have enacted numerous wrong approaches when they supposedly dealt with Middle East enemies.  They placed our soldiers in harms way to fight against terrorist nations and dictators, only to turn around and prevent our war heroes from securing victory.  Such political decisions helped multiply the problems we were supposed to be bringing about a solution for.  Let us not forget the results of the nation building efforts after George W. Bush’s takedown of Saddam Hussein.  Yes, there were weapons of mass destruction.  But they allowed most of them to be taken out of Iraq or buried in the sand. I believe many of those weapons were later used by terrorists to carry out their hit or miss terrorist activities.  The demonic activities of the Islamists were rightfully recognized, but foolishly engaged.  Because of our past government blunders, Islamic abuses are now spreading like a dreaded disease right here in our own republic turned mob rule democracy.  In Dearborn, MI a father who gets angry at his daughter for shaming her family by having feelings for a black man, or not following some other Islamic dictate can conduct an honor killing and never face jail time.  Recently an abusive Islamic husband was allowed by a judge to keep beating his wife and that she could not get a divorce.  The reason given was, it is permissible according to Islamic law to beat your wife.  

Until the election of President Donald Trump, America was hurdling toward a permanent rejection of our constitutionally limited form of government.  In fact, many officials favored anything detrimental to our existence.  Let’s not forget that the Obama administration appeased the Iranian nazi Muslims with pallets of our tax dollars.  As massive as the threat to America the Middle Eastern enemies may be.  I hate to state this, but our southern border problems dwarf the Middle Eastern dangers by a great margin.  

I fully support President Trump’s stand up approach toward the Middle East foolishness, the horrors happening at our southern border could spell our doom in short order.  The Mexican cartels have been allowed to set up shop in 35 of our states and commonwealths.  One can go to Roanoke, Virginia to witness the impact of the Cartel beasts.  Of course, democrats and republicans like Mike Lee are more enamored with simply engaging our international enemies from a position of weakness and appeasement than defeating them.   Democrats maintain that attitude when it comes to illegal border crossers, murderous Mexican cartel thugs and terrorists they know are still pouring into the United States.  Thousands of United States citizens are assaulted via rape, robbery, murder, etc. annually.  To add insult to injury, China has been making billions and billions of dollars via opioid drug sales in America. Opioids have caused the untimely deaths of far too many of our countrymen and women.  Right now, Islamic sleeper cells and many illegal border crossers remain unchallenged within our borders.  

Even if America rightfully subdues every single Middle Eastern enemy, it will be to no avail if our southern border wall is not fully completed soon.  No nation, even one as strong as President Trump says America is can remain great, if it is overrun with an illegal population growing faster than the birthrate our citizens.   Wake up my fellow Americans, the republic you save may be your own.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.