Oh My God! America Is Racist Racist Racist Especially White Folks

Ever since the 1980s when I first accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, there have been major prayer sessions every single year against racism.

Despite the fact that one cannot force anyone to like someone else who does not look or act like them, the prayers have gone up like clockwork.  Of course, I understand that racism is an evil, that dates back to the time of Moses when his sister was stricken with a dreaded illness after ridiculing his wife because she was of a different skin tone.  Contrary to moronic politically correct beliefs, the United States is not the planets epicenter of racism or bigotry.  When I heard the reaction or hideous responses to President Trump’s goal to merely protect our borders from being overrun by illegal border crossers as racist.  Among the most fervent fans of illegal border crossers are black Americans.  Particularly those who find a racist behind every doorknob.  But what those idiots either do not know, or care about is the fact that most of the very people they applaud coming into our republic illegally are themselves very racist. 

The majority of Mexicans and Middle East followers of a certain religion with an instruction manual called the Quran’ declares that black people are only meant to be slaves and have no souls.  Yet the majority of black Americans have no problem with the spread of Islam throughout the United States.   They realize that Islam poses a major threat to our Constitutionally Limited form of government.  As you read my column, over 20 million black Christians and other non muslims are painfully existing under the brutal bootheel of slavery.  In addition, young black and Islamic born boys are raped as are little girls the adult Muslims marry as young as nine years of age.  Recently, in China black people who had been paying their apartment rents were thrown out of the buildings they lived in.  There are public signs in China that strictly forbid renting apartments to black people.   When black Americans are both told about and are presented with evidence of racism of anyone other than white Americans, they are OK with it.  

For me that wreaks of both immeasurable stupidity and blatant hypocrisy.  The recent unwarranted torture and death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota was in my opinion a supreme example of both actual racism and political maneuvering.  That horrible death in my opinion was designed to play into the hands of those trying to literally overthrow our republic.  Three police officers along with a host of witnesses just watch one police officer administer an eight minute back of the neck knee smashing of George Floyd’s neck while he pleads for his life is baffling to me.  The man was subdued, handcuffed and had never fought the police officers.  All they had to do was walk him to the squad car, take him to the precinct and process his alleged crime of forging A TWENTY DOLLAR CHECK!  True, Americans of all stripes should be outraged, but I fail to understand why is there outrage only when a black person is murdered by a white police officer.  The selective importance of certain politically advantageous deaths are part of an orchestrated effort to permanently divide and damage our beloved United States of America.   

So in honor of George Floyd, bussed in activists and native born Minneapolis residents burned down Minneapolis businesses like Auto Zone, that had offered opportunities.  In the Third district they even burned an under construction affordable housing apartment. Because a man wrongfully lost his life, is it right to make life miserable for everyone? I say not, but when the goal is to convince every breathing black American that our republic is totally RACIST RACIST RACIST, the probability of national healing and true restoration is diminished more and more.  To be frank, our current government school structure must be demolished and replaced with local and state school systems that reflect our nations good founding principles.  For what is taught to one generation dictates what direction that nation takes via the following generation.   To make matters ever sadder, as a result of horrible indoctrinating of generations of American students , as they grew into adults, they sorely lacked the wherewithal to properly raise children, preach from pulpits, etc.  Critical thinking has seemingly been flung along with wisdom to the outer limits of our solar system. 

Contrary to stupid popular false belief, most American white people are not the end all be all of racism.  Unfortunately, leftist whites and blacks who are using race as a wedge issue to divide and conquer the United States in the same manner that was employed to divide and conquer black American community.  I would that my fellow Americans who sincerely want a better future for our republic, stand up against those who only use tragedy as an excuse to multiply  misery and diminish our prospects for a truly great future as one nation under God.  We must never forget to push back the darkness by teaching and promoting the light of truth which will in time sanitize the fabric of our beloved land of liberty.  Together we win, divided we lose and free fall into national oblivion.  God Bless You God Bless America and may America bless God.  

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