By  Ron  Edwards

Jan. 19, 2018


What many Americans thought would be a battle of three months lasted four horrendous years (1861 – 1865).  The first Civil War cost over 360,000 Union and approximately 260,000 thousand Confederate soldiers their lives. It remains the greatest and possibly the most tragic event in United States history, where an incalculable sacrifice of “brothers blood” was spilled to restore to one republic torn in two.  While the reasons for the Civil War are sometimes still debated, political disagreements between the North and South began soon after the American Revolution ended in 1782. Those arguments gradually increased between 1800 and 1860. Quarrels over unfair taxes paid on goods brought into the South from foreign countries as well as perceived shifts of political power in the federal government to favor the Northern states fueled the Southern call away from central federal authority in Washington and to a restoration of states rights.

By Ron Edwards

Jan. 5. 2018

America’s DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was written as a proclamation to the world of the reasons why the colonial leaders called for a separation from England.  But while the declaration gave a detailed list of legal offenses that England had left unresolved, the Founders saw these as more than isolated wrongs.  Rather; they saw them as part of a predetermined plan to take away their religious liberties and reestablish the church of England to rule over their hearts and souls, thus spiritually enslaving the colonies.  In that light, one understands the power on Patrick Henry’s fiery words, “give me liberty or give me death.’

By Ron Edwards

Nov. 10, 2017

You either have to be dead or deaf not to be aware of the terrorist group Hamas.  The Islamic terrorist organization is one of the most violent.  I was shocked to recently find out that the Hebrew word hamas means warlike, valor (noun forum) or to be active, brave, constant (verb form) I do not know, and doubt if I will ever learn Arabic fluently. But it is assumed by Hebrew scholar Glenn Kay who provided vital information for this column that this Arabic cognate of the Hebrew hamas is the word utilized by the terrorist group Hamas.  Kay also pointed out to my amazement that the word hamas appears in the Biblical scriptures 68 times.

By Ron Edwards

August 25, 2017

Throughout the annals of American history one of the major ingredients utilized to ensure the successful launch and growth of the republic has been faith in our creator through his son and our savior Jesus Christ.  In fact, contrary to dishonest modern day educators, professors, most dragon media personalities and leftist deniers in government, faith in God was paramount.  The Bible says that faith without works is dead.  The founding fathers understood the importance of exercising faith in the fight for liberty.

It was George Washington who desperately wanted Providence on his side as he battled the mighty British empire.  But to help insure this, his troops needed to be above reproach.  One way to insure that, was to have chaplains on board.  Throughout U. S. military history, Christian military chaplains have had significant roles in times of both peace and war

By  Ron Edwards

About 990 years before the birth of Christ, the children of Israel were released from Egypt after 400 years of slavery.  As expected, upon being freed from their long tenure under the tyranny of slavery, there was for a time much jubilation among the chosen people of God.  The hard hearted Pharaoh allowed the former slaves to leave Egypt with an immense amount of wealth, consisting of mostly gold, silver and assorted jewelry.

By Ron Edwards

August 18,2017

Hypocrisy is defined as: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform pretense.

I was watching a recent edition of FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. On that episode, one of the big topics was president Trump not going hard enough in his statement against the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia where protester Heather Heyer was mashed down by a motorist who had been spooked by people attacking his automobile.  Many allege the driver to be a white supremacist supporter.