By Ron Edwards
December 23, 2016

Throughout the annals of history, there have been many great nations or empires. Some including the Benzantine, Grecian, Roman, French, British, Ottoman and Spanish were super powers at their highest point of governance. The Roman empire was the most powerful nation on earth for many centuries it’s lengthy reign is still the longest of any nation or empire in history. One thing those mighty nations or empires had in common was a lack of overall regard for the common man. In fact, the people of those empires were only viewed as slaves of the state to exist at the behest of the king and to pay brutally high taxes.

The rights of the individual were rarely considered. One of the rare occasions that at least a small nod of appreciation was given toward those outside of the government elite rulers was during the reign of the Grecian empire. It was during the zenith of the Grecian empire that citizens enjoyed a level of relative freedom that probably had never been experienced anywhere before in any nation or empire. Over time the democracy of Greece eventually deteriorated into a super centralized government or mobocracy. Basically, the nature of government is to take advantage of the flawed nature of democracy or mobocracy that places the desires or whims of the mob above the unalienable rights of the individual.

That is why I cringe every time I hear either globalist progressive politicians and others refer to the United States as a democracy instead of the republic she was designed to be by the Founding Fathers. Today, many Americans scorn the roots of American liberty, peace, tranquility and order. Ironically, they were at onetime considered as hallmarks of this blessed republic. More recently or nation has been wallowing in the declining realm of operating as a mob rule democracy. Unfortunately, mobocracies ultimately devolve into a government system that trashes the rights of individuals.

Another development of democracies is when special rights groups pop up and are permitted by government to push stable societal traditions to the curb. Then groups are purposely pitted against one another all in the name of diversity. In other words, the concept of democracy or mobocracy is used by big government to fool people into believing they are free and living in liberty. In reality, sovereign individuals end up being little more than balkanized wards of the bully state.

They are simply coerced into accepting their rights being diminished at the behest of the chosen mobs. Of course the allowed special rights at the expense of others who are forced to accept the changing dynamics of a democratized special rights mobocracy. For example, when a Christian couple who once owned a bakery didn’t place a male couple decoration on a cake, they ended up losing their nice business. The mob rule government placed the government civil (or bastardized rights) of unnatural sexual practitioners above the unalienable God given rights of Christian business owners to live according to their beliefs.

In case you have not noticed, America has been on a major downward spiral toward oblivion as our values and unalienable rights were sacrificed to please those who disdain the concept of a strong unalienable rights based America. So obviously democracy is not what made or will sustain the United States as a great republic. If America reemerges to greatness “We the People” shall be free to do what is right, but only if we are willing to not bow to political correctness, but rather diligently seek Providential guidance as did the men and women who came here and dedicated this land to our creator.

In our time, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recalled that as he was growing up, his grandfather taught him some important foundational lessons about the connection between personal responsibility and liberty. “What my grandfather believed was that people have their responsibilities, that is freedom,” noted Justice Thomas. “Honesty and responsibility, those are the things he taught.” He added that in society today, there is not enough emphasis on the responsibilities of all Americans to live in such a way that will maintain and protect the foundations of freedom. “Too many conversations today have to do with special rights and wants, he said. “There is not enough talk about responsibilities and duties.

Justice Thomas like many great Americans understands that we as sovereign citizens have God given abilities and responsibilities and that neither one should be sacrificed on the evil alter of mobocracy and irresponsible personal governance. The source of American greatness begins with you being free to enjoy your God given rights and abilities with a focus on personal responsibility. Last but certainly not least, Providential guidance and wisdom will help ensure the fulfilment of your greatest potential as a sovereign individual and as an American. I believe that the greater we are in Christ the better off our republic will be. Whether you agree or disagree, you can let me know at or via twitter @theronedwards. God bless you God Bless America and may America Bless God.

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