Is God Obsolete?

That is a strange question to a believer but it may still hold relavance... read on.

Many people prefer the term, the universe, the one greater than I , that energy that comes from above, etc. We hear so many vague references to the God of the Universe that we all sound like we re talking in code.


He has a name many, in fact but most of them are not used in the market place, schools and even in homes. Elohim, Adonai, El Shaddai, and of course Jesus. Yes I said it Jesus the name above all names and yet for some it is a curse word or something you say in jest ot humor.

When did the Lord of All become so castigated in society. When I was growing up there was a societal reverence even from those who were not believers. We have allowed media and entertainment to coop our words When I watch old movies the word gay meant happy, blissful not in any way connected to a sexual preference.  We must take our words back and not allow others to redefine ancient truths that are time tested and unchangeable. If we move the lines we will lose our way. No one calls the North Star the Southern Cross why because our navigation would be thrown off course and we could not find our way.

I submit to you hold fast to the name above all names and don;t apologize for it.