1,148,000 fewer Americans have jobs than seven years ago. The US military is being reduced to a perversion promoting shell of it's former self. Racists radical muslims now rule throughout America, thanks to appointments by Aliobama. Scrubs and losers are demanding higher minimum wages. Our nation is being separated from her allies and pushed into submission to enemies. Thanks to the influence of Aliobama, government schools are now more emboldened than ever to force the muslim religious/political dogma into the minds of students. Illegal aliens are encouraged to stay in the U.S. while upstanding immigrants like the Christian German family that came to America to escape religious persecution are threatened with deportation. Yet 41 percent of Americans and at least 90 percent of black Americans still favor the direction Aliobama is taking the republic. The good news is, despite all that the enemies from within are perpetrating against our society, WE WILL WIN, THEY WILL LOSE, IF WE CHOOSE VICTORY!!!!

       Do you recall the old saying that sometimes when hear someone always accusing people of a particular act or wrong activity, they are probably guilty themseves?  Throughout the past few decades I have witnessed liberals often accusing conservatives, Christians and patriots of being racist, sexist, biased and or bigoted.  Funny thing though, I always thought it was the liberals who were and remain the real bigots.  After all it was liberals who mainly come from the Democrat, socialist and communist parties, all of which have long histories of alarming levels of overt and covert discrimination.