By Ron Edwards

April 27, 2017

In many locales throughout the United States of America, there have been sovereign citizens physically attacked, while law enforcement personnel backed off and watched.  (the uproar in downtown Berkeley comes to mind)  Those paid rioters and property destroyers believe they are entitled to damage property and even shut down businesses that pay taxes to the big fat government they hope becomes even more draconian.

By Ron Edwards

April 01, 2017


Throughout the annals of history, there has never been a nation of any stature that thrive after no longer defending it’s own borders.  Ancient Rome is perhaps the greatest example of a great nation that lost it’s greatness through open borders.  For over ten centuries the Empire of Rome ruled the known world.  She was the ultimate example of national prestige, power and glory.

By Ron  Edwards

March 16. 2017

The republican effort to unravel and replace Obamacare is on the surface a worthy endeavor.  Some republicans want to slightly scale back the gruesome government’s role in health care.  Of course, those wanting us to be saddled with Obama’s legacy of government health care have noted that fewer people would be covered with health insurance if “Obama careless” is replaced with Obama lite healthcare.  It is nice that some republicans want to reduce the awful effects of Obama government healthcare.

By Ron Edwards
February 17, 2017

No nation, empire, corporation, small business owner, or even a family can thrive if they are infiltrated by those who are spying on them and leaking out important or detrimental information. That also applies to the Trump administration that is seemingly more infiltrated with enemies from within than any other administration in United States history. Unfortunately, the federal government is filled to the brim with loyalists to the previous Obama regime, George Soros, illegal immigrants, etc. The goals of Obama, the NSA and the CIA still include the fulfilment of the Saul Alynski inspired and George Soros funded elimination of our constitutionally limited form of government.

By Ron Edwards
March 3, 2017

In 1962 Detroit, MI was the wealthiest city on earth. The former motor capital of the world was once part of a mega industrial trilogy that included Cleveland and Pittsburgh. At the time of their industrial zenith, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh were the world’s manufacturing floor. Made in the USA was symbolic of our industrial might and high standard of quality.

By Ron Edwards
February 10, 2017
The election of Donald Trump for president of the United States represents the desire of many Americans to see our republic rescued from utter oblivion. Of course, “We the People” who desire America to be great again are not so naïve to think that Trump alone can improve the fortunes of the United States. However, the president is the commander in chief endowed with powers and responsibilities. Among the most important is to protect the United States from harm