Ron Edwards
April 2, 2016


In today’s politically correct and multi generation indoctrinated America, the word phobia is often used to quiet patriots and Christians rather than make an honest point. At one time in our nation, it an individual observed horrendous actions by someone, they could state the facts about what they saw, show a picture and the truth would be allowed to stand unchallenged.

There was also a time when Americans of all races considered American interests to be of the most utmost importance. After all, most Americans were intelligent and well informed enough to understand that the importance of rational self interest and would not tolerate the concept of allowing the United States to be endangered just to appease those who have vowed to murder us.


At one time, the majority of sovereign citizens of America would at the very least cautious about continuing to allow special rights, or preferred treatment of illegal immigrants at the expense of tax paying Americans. They are being forced to pay for the housing, medical care and education of illegal immigrants and their children. That is not right, to say the very least. In fact, it is completely unwise, but like I have said in my radio commentary, “The Edwards Notebook, wisdom has taken wing and flown back to God. defines xenophobia as unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners, just for being foreigners, or that which is foreign or strange. Now, if Americans were running around espousing hatred towards legal immigrants, foreigners just for being foreigners, homosexuals just for existing, etc. etc. that would be one crazy thing. But the problem is that American society is now so programed against common sense that people are calling those who want to protect the United States from harm, xenophobes, racists, bigots, and much worse names I cannot use in my family friendly column.

Let us take a look at the Muslim problem, for example. Muslims have a millennium plus long history of plotting to overthrow non-Muslim nations, who’s citizens don’t bump their heads on little rugs to honor allah. To this very day, racist Muslims consider black people to be raisin heads who are without souls. They enslaved black Africans long before Europeans and later Americans did. As you read these words of truth, the Muslims now own and abuse over 20 million slaves, mostly Africans. In the United States, there are at least 22 known Muslim zones, where anti American sentiment is very strong, to say the very least. But United States progressives and even some appeasing republicans look the other way without saying a simple word about this ongoing horror story.


But if an American sovereign citizen dares to voice concern about the obvious motives of Muslims, who for the most part admit they refuse to assimilate into American society, they are wrongfully labeled as bigots, racists, islamaphobes, or xenophobes.

Yet the Americaphobe president Obama continues to endanger our beloved republic with his horrendous policies, such as fighting to prevent states like Arizona and Texas from protecting their borders and citizens from United States hating, ungrateful illegal immigrants. Many of them are being accompanied by Muslim terrorists even as you are reading. Other Americaphobes like the black lives matter gumps in Baltimore have threatened to kill presidential candidate Donald Trump. Yet the same people who call patriotic Americans who defend our nation and way of life xenophobes, racists and bigots will not address the black lives matter gumps for their vicious verbiage.

It is becoming more difficult to identify Americans who actually give a darn about where we live in this country. I am talking about the literal millions of Americans who refuse to respond to the horrendous policies of Obama and the bend over to please republicans in congress who have let the president literally get away with dismantling our military, flat lining our economy, dividing America racially, economically and politically. While at the same time, Obama has ruined our relationships with most of our nations allies. But yet, far too many people scream xenophobe at those wanting to protect our nation from destruction.

The United States of America has been a uniquely blessed nation like no other in human history. But the self serving progressives who are hell bent on establishing a permanent socialist utopia have for too long been allowed to destroy this republic, bit by bit by bit. One must come to the logical conclusion that those progressives who scream phobia labels at those who’s goals include making America great again are themselves the real bigots, Americaphobes and let us not forget, Christianphobes, constitutionphobes and even propertyrightsphobes.


My fellow Americans, if you appreciate this republic and desire to leave a better nation for your children and grandchildren, I strongly urge you to join in the worthy effort to help restore the principles that made her the onetime envy of the world. Just because America wasn’t perfect by the unreal standards propped up by the hordes of progressive snivelers who could not care one little bit about real solutions to America’s problems. If they did, the solutions they have enacted and promoted for decades would have improved, rather than have destroyed inner city neighborhoods, for example.

The choice is up to you, may we all remember to seek providential guidance in the effort to revive our constitutionally limited republic. It helped the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, thus it can most assuredly help us. Good knows we need it.


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By Denise Edwards

“Women Defending America” (WDA) is an emerging organization that was birthed out of the hearts of men and women who care about the direction in which this country is heading.

As a part of MG Vallely’s Stand Up America US organization, America’s women at WDA are directing their voices against the Democrat’s lies about their so-called “War on Women.”

Thanks, but no thanks, to decades of liberal government school indoctrination of students in Virginia and throughout America, things are going awry. Now we have legions of parents who are incapable or unwilling to teach virtuous principles to their children. As a result, the United States of America has devolved from being the land of the free and home of the brave into a breeding ground for barbarians.

Aftermath from a race riot in Washington D.C., April 1968 (Wikipedia Photo)

Aftermath from a race riot in Washington D.C., April 1968 (Wikipedia Photo)

The seeds of Barbarism American style were firmly planted into the modern day framework of our republic turned mob rule democracy during the civil or bastardized rights era, during the 1960s. In addition, once the evil-intended liberals were able to convince many able-bodied Americans that they were owed everything from cigarette money to transgender operations, the spirit of barbarism was magnified significantly.

A response to Biden’s Absurd Proclamation

Denise Edwards

Being a leader is a responsibility that we should hold our leaders responsible for.

There are many ways to lead and when we select leaders we often hope and expect that they will lead us, our organization city, state or nation in a prosperous way.

The scriptures reveals that when we meditate on the word of God day and night that we would have good success. Now we have leaders that clearly are focused on other agendas that are contrary to the word of God. Many of the leaders in this country are meditating on the demise of this country while seeking to make their personal lives prosperous at least financially speaking.

Women Defending America
Denise Edwards
September 4, 2014

It is election season and unfortunately the knives are sharpened and flying in and out of the backs of candidates throughout the republic. We know politics is dirty but some people find filth down right appealing.

  1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida found a large stake to drive into Governor Scott Walker (R-WI). Schultz likened his record on women,  as essentially amounting to domestic violence.

Really, domestic violence? This is not a stretch it is a straight drop off the cliff of good sense and a hard landing onto the rocks that she apparently is willing to throw in a desperate attempt to vilify a candidate that has a great record.