By Ron Edwards

March 23, 2018

In 1973, the United States of America legalized the killing of unborn babies.  It has been calculated that at least 70 million unborn Americans have been denied their God given unalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The idea for the wholesale elimination of Americans was born in the evil mind of Margaret Sanger, during the early decades of the twentieth century. The racist democrat was on a mad woman mission to rid the planet of whom she considered human weeds, commonly known as black Americans. It was bad enough that she a white American thought it was her duty to eliminate black people. Even more insulting were the numerous dumb black ministers that Sanger and her fellow Democrat party racists convinced to persuade their parishioners to kill their babies for economic reasons

By Ron Edwards

March 2, 2018

Every day I rise from my bed, I am utterly baffled at the number of Americans from various walks of life who more vigorously support policies that potentially cripple our beloved republic, than those that most benefit “We the People.”  Every time I read about or hear individuals, primarily from the political left harping about fewer opportunities for black Americans a laugh, because I now realize they are blatant liars and do not give a rip about anyone but their own selfish political gain or mission to help harm the United States of America.

By Ron Edwards

Jan. 12,2018

Whether it is an individual or an entire community of people, everyone encounters some level of setbacks.  But it is how one responds to problems that dictates whether they end up as victims or victorious.  One cannot deny the horrendous life that Frederick Douglas was born into.  He was destined for a life of miserable slavery, or so his cruel masters thought.  His mother had been forced upon by her owner and Frederick was born during the year 1818 in Talbot County Maryland.  Frederick Douglas who was later to decide for himself to not be a victim of his circumstances, never allowed the circumstances to snuff out his goal of obtaining his freedom.

Ron  Edwards

July 21.2017

Whenever I witness the horrific monster of hypocrisy rearing its ugly head within the government, academia, the dragon media or throughout the ranks of leftist street and college campus protesters and complainers, it brings back bad memories of days gone by.   In addition, I am reminded of the massive societal display of hypocrisy can be overcome.  But if not, America will eventually be reduced to a nation where most people simply exist, at best.

I am sensitive to the nationwide practice of hypocrisy.  Because on a personal level I experienced the effects of having to put up with it almost daily.  My journey into the bowels of hypocrisy began at age twelve, soon after the death of my adoptive father.  He was a great man who loved God, America and our family.  By the grace of god, he taught me many good things concerning the reason I must strive to do what is right and how to successfully navigate through and overcome the challenges of this life

By Ron Edwards

October 20, 2017

For every human activity there is a root cause or established beginning.  For example, the uptick in thugs murdering police officers for sport or who seem to have nothing better to do.  When I was but a young lad, my Dad would often say, that if good is not taught or perused, then evil will most certainly be there to occupy your thoughts, words and eventually actions.  We were taught to respect our parents, police officers, the United States flag, America, our preachers, teachers and by all means God.  Other than God, none of them were perfect, but for the most part, they were very good people, who were capable of making mistakes.  But we did not condemn all of society and render ourselves as useful idiots to be used by others who had big plans to harm our republic from within.

Ron Edwards

June 30, 2017

It is my opinion that when America legalized abortion, she unwittingly unleashed an unrelenting war against both the unborn and American children in general.  The leftists who pushed, prodded and protested on behalf of the so-called right of females to murder their own children, certainly opened the door to an overall less appreciation for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  As the old saying goes, one thing leads to another.  That is certainly true, regarding both positive and negative outcomes, no matter what the topic.