By Ron Edwards
August 12, 2016

Want extreme poverty? Then by all means, vote for Hillary Clinton. There is an old saying that the proud citizens of Michigan have said to me many times. “As Detroit goes, so goes the nation.” That proclamation is an old holdover from the days when Detroit was the undisputed motor capital of the world. There was a time when Detroit automaker General Motors was the largest and most influential company of any kind on earth. Detroit’s other manufacturing heavyweights included Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and the largest network of auto supplier companies in the world.

By Ron Edwards
May 6, 2016

The United States of America used to be a nation where things got done. No matter what the challenge, everything from natural disasters to overcoming negative civic and political issues, the normal inclination was to start over and get it right. If something was working just fine, usually common sense dictated it was to be left alone, at least until a superior method of operation was developed.

Take the United States of America for example. She was founded upon superior values and principles. Some of which included the supreme right of sovereign individuals to live according to their own God or self-directed path. For the first time in human history, the United states was comprised of a set of economic principles and personal liberties that obliterated the worldwide concepts of government domination, or an equally abusive caste system. Those dominated by cradle to grave government or a monarchy simply existed from day to day and were under the strain of not having enough to eat. That was only one of many problems people suffered with no way out.

By Ron Edwards
February 12, 2016

History proves that President Obama’s plan to slap a ten-dollar tax on every barrel of oil imported into America or developed here to use the money for transformation is both is both fool-hearty and wasteful. Once again, one of the big chiefs of overbearing nanny goat government is threatening to use unconstitutional bullying to dictate the activities of “We the People.” This time seeking to increase the tax burden upon business activity and consumption. The president stated, “I will take advantage of low gas prices to accelerate a transition to a clean energy economy.” “We’re going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil imported, exported, so that some of the revenue can be used for the investments in basic research and technology that’s going to be needed for the energy sources of the future.”

By Ron Edwards
January 16, 2015

The North American International Auto Show, also known as The Detroit Auto Show is quite an impressive display of automotive dream machines. Upon entering this year’s motorcar display for the


recent press week, it was immediately obvious that America’s Ford motor company is not only gearing up to compete with, but even to surpass some automotive competitors. As one ventures into the sizeable Ford exhibit, a collection of mustangs both new and vintage will both please the eye and bring about thoughts of summer drives in one of those iconic beauties. Almost all car enthusiasts will truly want to hit the road in the Shelby Mustang GT 350R.

You will also not want to leave the presence of the 2017 Ford GT Coupe. I stood there gawking at that future classic for over ten minutes before acquiring information about it from the experts waiting to answer our litany of questions. For starters, the 2017 Ford GT is a superb combination of old and new. As one spokesman stated, “Its wide gauge cluster with center mounted tachometer, red starter button, metal shift nob, large toggle switches and carbon fiber seats reflect upon its earlier heritage. Also, the Ford GT is adorned with a console made of magnesium and a unique pattern of interior lighting. Which is coupled with almost every element of high style and superior quality gadgets that combine to make this American standout very competitive on the global stage. With a lightening fast 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, it is doubtful that the Ford GT Coupe will ever get left behind at any road race venue.”

Upon venturing over to the Buick display, I was immediately focused upon the very beautiful Avenir flagship concept vehicle. It is a very long and almost


 Pictured is the 2017 Ford GT

Once again, President Obama proves he is more concerned about appeasing terrorists and illegal immigrants than protecting our republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic. The United States has certainly endured past presidents who were not fully up to the task of defeating our enemies. They have also often failed when it comes to protecting our porous borders. But I must say, that no prior commander and chief comes close to the abysmal blatant disregard for protecting our republic in any regard. He has basically turned his back against any allied nation (like Israel) who may need our help against those seeking to kill steal and destroy.

Denise Edwards

October 23, 2014

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” - Rahm Emanuel

Or better yet, create one. Wake up America, here we go again.

Do you need a cup of coffee? Apparently a lot of people do because a lot of things are happening behind the scenes and America is sound asleep on many of these events. Time for a wake-up call – extra-caffeinated because this Ebola story is way deeper than what you see on the surface.EbolaDrugs

Plain and simple, the CDC owns the royalties to the Ebola Virus. Why, and what does the DoD have to do with Ebola as well?

The Natural News web site reports some very interesting points you need to know about: