By Ron Edwards

March 16, 2018

Four over forty years the United States of America has been on the receiving end of being raked over the coals by numerous economic trading partners throughout the world.  It has not mattered whether friend or foe.  Just about every nation America continues to trade with enjoys a major trade balance in their favor at the expense the United States.  One must wonder, are United States trade negotiators for the most part not very bright?  Or are they so heavily influenced by the concept of international concerns that looking out for the best interests of their own republic is beyond their ability to comprehend?

By Ron Edwards

Dec. 15, 2017

In the battle to restore the American economy, traditionally the attention of most lawmakers and sovereign citizens is geared toward the lowering of taxes.  In fact, lower taxes are one of the most important components of a thriving economy.  Without tax breaks, the incentive to grow existing businesses is practically null and void.  The eight years of the previous Obama regime was atrocious.  In addition to the lowering of taxes in America one of the biggest necessities for the starting a small business is the availability of low interest loans.  In recent years the Small Business Administration had been more of a hindrance than a help to those entrepreneurs hoping to land even a small loan to hang out their shingle.

By Ron Edwards

August 4, 2017

When I was but a little lad growing up in Cleveland, about the age of four I did something that was truly idiotic.  My parents had gone to work and my grandmother served me a bowl of cooked cereal along with a side of eggs and bacon.  After quickly blessing my food I was ready to dig in but the cereal was unusually thin and lacked the usual consistency I was accustomed to.  So, upon the (didn’t know it at the time) illogical conclusion that because the sugar was granulate, then surely it would help thicken my runny cereal.  I dumped in one heaping spoon full of sugar after another into the thin cereal fully expecting it to thicken up.  When it didn’t I kept dumping in more sugar.  (ICK) Of course I kept doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result that never came.  What a drag.

By Ron Edwards
February 24, 2017

I cannot believe that so many Americans are so dull they cannot comprehend the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration into America. For starters and to our detriment, the United States has allowed in more illegal and legal immigrants than any other nation on earth. Japan, a nation known for high intelligence does not allow Muslims into their country because they are bright enough to understand that the Islamists are on a serious mission to dominate over non-Muslim nations and convert or slaughter their citizens via sharia law. I also know that Japanese students are taught by their parents and school teachers to appreciate their nation. Students in Japan also know the fundamental difference between illegal and legal, even when it comes to immigration.

Ron Edwards

July 27.2017

The old adage “ninety percent of all the problems one faces is their own fault” could easily be applied to many sovereign citizens of the United States of America.  For this is a nation uniquely conceived by the founding fathers, where the rights of the individual was to be paramount.  On the other hand, the power of the federal government was to be contained within the framework of the Constitution.

In the past, American students were taught about the United States Constitution and the amendments.  Most parents used to instruct their children about right and wrong.  Of course, they encouraged their offspring to live according to a high moral standard.  Believe it or not, most private and even government schools reflected the values of those parents who worked to provide an environment in which their children could achieve greater success than they did.

By Ron Edwards
August 26, 2016

Why knock a city down, when it is just getting off the map? Throughout America, the progressives are feverishly at work trying to establish more and more draconian government policies that have already been proven throughout the world to bring nothing but disaster. Venezuela quickly comes to mind on that score.

Throughout our republic turned mob rule democracy, the seeds of progressivism were sewn in earnest in 1913. That year there was a pivotal meeting between world impacting government and corporate globalists who had a negative view of a nation of true personal responsibility based liberty, coupled with equal economic opportunity for all. In addition, the concept of unalienable rights that come from God totally rankled them.