By Ron Edwards
May 20, 2016

For decades, the Little Sisters Of The Poor have been doing the honorable work of taking care of the elderly poor in America. Recently the Obama administration once again exhibited the willingness to persecute groups in the name of contraceptives. This time it was the Little Sisters of the Poor in the bigoted crosshairs of the Obama regime that tried to force them to violate their Catholic faith. Not once, but twice did Obama and company go after the helpful Catholic organization to try and force them to provide contraceptives for their employees.


The Little Sisters of the Poor have been petitioning the republic’s highest court to ensure they do not have to comply with Obamacare draconian abortion mandate. The unconstitutional mandate compels religious groups to pay for the birth control and drugs that may cause the killing of unborn babies. Without relief from such madness, the Little Sisters of the Poor and other worthy groups that hope to overcome such brutal government edicts would face massive fines.

Ron Edwards

December 11,2015

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad would often tell me about the great people of America. Yes, he taught me about the obvious luminaries such as Dr. Benjamin Rush or Crispas Attucks. But he often talked about the unsung heroes who are just as important to society as any historical figure. Dad let me know that amongst the ranks of “We the People” resides the true backbone of our republic.

Needless to say, as we approach yet another time of Christmas I am more prone to take the time to fondly remember great individuals I’ve come to know. Many have been great friends and others just fantastic people met along the blessed path of life I have traveled. So often we may take for granted those we have known for a long time or have been friends with for years. Sometimes we can be guilty of overlooking or not paying to the crowning achievements of those we are familiar with.

 Denise A. Edwards

August 8, 2014

“God Is Not Dead”

As movies go in Hollywood it is rare to find one so filled with a realistic view of what it is like to be a Christian in America in 2014. Several years ago the movie “CRASH” came out and I thought this is a profound and well threaded film that traces the effects of racism and how it spreads throughout various cultures   Now, we have a well threaded film with a solid Christian theme.