Denise A. Edwards

August 8, 2014

“God Is Not Dead”

As movies go in Hollywood it is rare to find one so filled with a realistic view of what it is like to be a Christian in America in 2014. Several years ago the movie “CRASH” came out and I thought this is a profound and well threaded film that traces the effects of racism and how it spreads throughout various cultures   Now, we have a well threaded film with a solid Christian theme.


Kevin Sorbo provides an intelligent and realistic portrayal of being a Christian believer in an increasing anti- Christ and anti-biblical society. The Book of Acts gives an excellent portrayal of not only the early development of the church but the hostile environment with which the seeds of the most impactful life changing truths were planted and began to grow.

“God is Not Dead” deals with the dilemma that many believers have faced for centuries and that is explaining and/or defending the faith. Apologetics which is the defending of something either through speech or writing is artfully and thoughtfully done in this cinematic expose. It is refreshing when a person with solid faith gives the audience a perspective not glossed over with piety or legalism. Grace is the heartbeat of the gospel of Christ and as you watch the grace that is shed on this young believer who finds himself in a David verses Goliath battle, it beckons the question are you ready to defend your faith?

If you were pitted against the hardest of hearts in an unbelieving person will you stand your ground or will you capitulate and figure why bother? In the Book of Acts the persecution that tracked the early church was intense and often ended in martyrdom. Now I am not advocating that we all will have to die for our faith but what is more intriguing is will we live for our faith?

When we are faced with the hatred of the politically correct or the deceived who believe that God has evolved and is giving a thumbs up to a life of sin and immorality what will be our response?

Do we tell a dying , lost and unstable world that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and as old fashioned as that sounds it is the pillar with which we can all build and depend upon. I pray and expect more movies of this caliber to come out of Hollywood because we must not only defend our faith but we must share the joys and privileges of being a Christian to a world that has very perverted views and even hostile expressions toward the faith that saves the most hurting of souls.

Bravo to the cast and especially to Kevin Sorbo and Director Harold Cronk for producing  a film that we can sink our hearts into. If you have not seen “God is Not Dead” do so and if you have share the DVD with someone who has not and may never otherwise hear such a passionate discourse on why believers believe.