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REUTERS POLL: TRUMP APPROVAL FALLS TO 37%...    ELIZABETH WARREN CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT...    Pelosi Pressured...    ROMNEY: I Am Sickened...    Fake news? Mueller isn't buying it...    NAPOLITANO: Report Might Be Enough to Prosecute...    MARK PENN: Dems Need To Get Grip On Selves!    CHOMSKY: May Have Handed Trump Next Election...    Presidential Power Gets Booster Shot...    WOODWARD: NOW WE WAIT FOR THE TAPES...    TRIBAL GRIDLOCK CONTINUES...    Top 10 things media got wrong...    Are You Numb To It All?    'TOTAL BULLSH*T'    Scientists create 'living' machines that eat, grow -- and evolve...    Experts sound alarm over human-monkey hybrid...    With Venezuela in flames, ChinaRussia seeking claims in rubble...    Guaido calls for 'largest march in history' to oust Maduro...    Cops: Suspect groped jail technician while being fingerprinted...    FBI's Facial Recognition Programs Under Fire Over Privacy, Accuracy...    NYC Subway Using ID Software?    Robot anchor in Russia sparks 'propaganda' controversy...    Measles Fear Hits Fever Pitch With Holiday Weekend; Packed Flights...    Judge Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations...    Latin pop has US grooving more and more in Spanish...    Luck Reunion: Welcome to the anti-Coachella...    Madonna 'MEDELLIN' Flops...    These are worst 25 jobs in America?    REVEALED: The Trouble With Dentistry...    Middle school girls conspiracy to murder classmates...    Hit list, plan to bury bodies...    USPS carrier helps man steal $374,000 from one zip code...    Mysterious life of James McCord, Watergate burglar whose death went unnoticed for 2 years...    Barr v. Mueller: Friends pitted against each other...    Legal dispute drove end of probe...    Heat on AG...    BIDEN FINALLY READY?    Announcement in days...    NYT: Should White Man Be Face of Dem Party?    2020 campaign trail runs through churches in SCarolina...    BORDER BATTLE: Militia in New Mexico Detains Asylum Seekers at Gunpoint...    Hunger Strikes At ICE Detention Centers Spread...    Welcome for migrants cools in Mexican town weary of caravans...    Two-wave flu season now longest in decade...    Living on wrong side of a time zone hazardous to health...    Housework keeps brain young...    Driving? The Kids Are So Over It...    FEDS EYE ZUCK IN PRIVACY PROBE...    Big Tech Wants Centralized Censorship...    GOOGLE Panic Over Political Bias Leaks...    Washington state to legalize human composting...    UPDATE: People pooping more than ever on San Fran streets...    After 40 Years, C-SPAN Founder Signs Off...    'ALL IN THE FAMILY,' 'THE JEFFERSONS' Reboots Coming to ABC...    Woody Harrelson to Play Archie Bunker...    THE FATHER WHO GAVE BIRTH: TRANS MAN'S STORY...    DOWD: Tom Ford, Fragrant Vegan Vampire...    HELL: Ebola worker shot dead at hospital in eastern DR Congo...    Conspiracy theories, rumors threaten battle...    Syphilis Invading Rural America...    STUDY: 1 In 5 Children Suffers From Mental Health Disorder...    LIST: Counties where American dream may be dead...    New Mexico top location for relocating retirees...    Thailand marijuana festival has visitors on a high...    Gen Z Will Be Ultimate Pot Consumers...    Devotees nailed to crosses on Good Friday in Philippines...    When Jesus Celebrated Passover...    'Church' to offer 'miracle cure' despite FDA warnings...    Passengers could be WEIGHED before flights to cut fuel costs...    Can't Afford Surgery? In China, Millions Chip In Half Penny to Cover You...

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Welcome To The  Edwards Notebook

Welcome to Ron Edwards will rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society. Ron Edwards is the host and founder of the award winning radio commentary, The Edwards’ Notebook. It brings to light and provides solutions for the concerns we all share in a thought provoking manner. The Edwards’ Notebook is heard in over 56 different markets by 3- 4 million listeners daily. Weekends over 135 markets.

Ron Edwards is going to bridge the gap of foolish thinking to the reality of a sound minded morally driven society. The truth is we must rebuild the core bases that create a civilized society. The Seven Pillars of Society reestablished with the partners of The Edwards Notebook. Family, Providential Guidance, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Media, Government.

Listen to a 2 day interview with Ron Edwards on CPR Media, Constitutional Patriot Radio Network. April 29 and 30th


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Ron Speaking at Northern Virginia Tea Party


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