If the children of Israel did not give up and buckle under the threat of the Philistines after young future king David slew the big talking Goliath. 

If British writer and jurist William Blackstone boldly proclaimed for freedom for the people.

Although William Wilberforce who suffered from failing health he found the intestinal fortitude to convince Great Britain to end slavery in 1839. Abraham Lincoln, who knew he faced the eminent danger of a premature death. Yet he bravely forged ahead to preserve the union and seek an end to slavery in the United States.  President McKinley boldly spoke out against the masonic order and others seeking to undermine our unique exceptional republic, knowing he might in up in premature dirt sleep. It was sir Winston Churchill who boldly fought against the wimpy political structure of Great Britain under Nevil Chamberlain and eventually shepherded Great Britain to World War Two victory.  Frederick Douglas boldly chose liberty and obtain it along with business success years before the official eradication of slavery.  The Founding Fathers of the United States of America, who knew they could lose everything, with the encouragement of Christian ministers orchestrated the effort create a more perfect union.  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a massive movement that would eventually overcome and lead to the removal of the democrat party racist bootheel from the necks of black Americans.  Through wisdom and a no quit spirit, the tiny and often abused nation of Israel transformed the dry desert into the most productive food producing farmland on earth.  If after the fall of man from grace, Jesus Christ would choose to sacrifice His life and grant, thus paving the way for eternal life for those who choose that gift.  Against all odds, if the heroes who assembled at the Alamo in the Republic of Texas knowing they faced certain death in the cause of liberty.  If the hundreds of good hearted Americans who disdained slavery could risk their own freedom to aid escaped slaves.  the brave founding members of the Christian church after the resurrection of Christ defied the mighty Roman Empire and never stopped spreading the gospel despite brutish Roman dictates to cease and worship Ceasar.  Well over 300 million Christians in China continue to exercise their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, refusing to bow to the demands of the Chinese Communist party.  

Throughout history, brave men and women understood that it was better to be willing to even die for liberty with their boots on, than to exist in dictatorial safety.  As we observe the literal effort of those on the political left seeking to destroy once and for all, our Constitutional Republic, there is no time to dither about.  In my lifetime, President Trump has done more good for this republic than any other president since the Gipper, Ronald Reagan.  Yet the bigoted, leftist democrats have literally done nothing but seek to both undermine President Trump and pollute the very essence of our national heritage and greatness, with their warped interpretation via the dragon social and traditional media.  America’s number one international enemy, China has been celebrating and gloating at the prospect of not having to deal with Trump and pro American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Chinese and the American leftists are chomping at the bit at the prospect of having to deal with a Biden administration that would return our nation to the self destructive ways of placing American interests on the back burner.   

Traditional republicans like globalist Nicky Haley are hoping to reshape the Republican party back into the George W. Bush mold and abandon the America first policies of President Trump.  Petty democrat supporters are threatening to punish Trump supporters.  They will seek to digitally censor those who support our Constitutionally Limited Government underpinnings and traditional values in general. The left is threatening to even jail those who they may deem to be in opposition to their agenda. Let us not forget how during the Obama regime, tried in vain to imprison documentary producer Dinesh D’Souza over bogus charges, because they did not enjoy the theme of his honest media productions.  The so-called election of Joe Biden to the presidency is suspect at the very least.  

Republican poll observers were blocked from doing their duty to simply be there to make sure that the vote tabulations were conducted in a fair and accurate manner.  There are videos of ballots being filled in while other were crumbled and thrown away.  Friday night, Joe Biden declared that the economy was slowing up, despite the unemployment rate now down to 6.9 percent.  Biden also declared that a lockdown will be forthcoming in order to supposedly defeat the coronavirus.  Let us not forget that all of the milestones that have benefited the United States achieved by President Trump will be trampled away and replaced by the Obama era policies that undermined our republic both domestically and internationally.  

But even if Joe Biden assumes the presidency, there are ways to prevent him from utterly destroying the positive gains secured under the Trump administration.  I for one, know for certain that we who love God, the United States, our families, etc. cannot and must not give up the fight against tyranny and permanently secure liberty and justice for all law abiding sovereign citizens and not allow our borders to once again become open doors for the world’s unleashed masses.  Let be encouraged by the numerous victories against impossible odds by historical figures of the past and make history today via providential guidance and unwavering faith.   Romans 8:28 reminds us that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.