Black Lives Matter Is Not About Making Lives Matter

The so-called Black lives Matter movement has absolutely nothing to do with the betterment of the lives of black Americans, or anything good for that matter. 

Black Lives Matter is one cog in the massive multi faceted wheel effort to literally destroy the United States of America from within.

The Black Lives Matter minions along with other leftist democrats use the emotionally charged subject of racism in order to draw the charged subject of racism in order to draw the incurably ignorant masses into a frenzy of destruction.  Some Black Americans have been conned into believing that the only thing they can do to enjoy life, is to be destructive minions for their white ANTIFA overseers.  White leftists, through government schools, colleges and many universities have systematically indoctrinated black Americans and now young white Americans into thinking that burning down cities is preferable to striving to be good and actually overcoming evil.  

Black Americans and their doting leftist white so-called friends are becoming nothing more than useful idiots of destruction.  People need to do their own homework and research regarding issues like police brutality.  Over the past year, out of literally thousands of responses to criminal activity, traffic stops, etc. four unarmed black American men were shot to death by police officers.  Yet rarely has anyone beyond myself and a few other intellectually honest individuals expressed concern over the thousands of black Americans murdered by other black Americans every single year.  That shows me that most people really do not really give a damn about black men and boys, riots or not.  I believe the George Floyd murder and reactionary destructive riots were a distraction to the masses.  While the terrible murder and accompanying riots ensued, much worse plots, plans and tricks of the leftists may have been brought into fruition, to bring about political, economic and moral death blows to the United States.  Among them, the long held Antifa desire to get rid of local police departments.  

Those orchestrating those events hope they render it impossible for the United States of America to overcome an setbacks, be they major or minor.  Several police officers were murdered and 300 were injured serving in the line of duty in New York City alone, during the looting and burning riots.  As an American who happens to be wrapped in brown skin, I have encountered racism from Mexicans, Middle Easterners of the Islamic persuasion, leftist white Americans as well as intra racism and bigotry from black Americans who dutifully follow the destructive  philosophy of Mao, Donna Brazile, Barack Obama, etc.  Racism, intra racism, and bigotry are simply a few of the countless versions and examples of wrongful treatment that everyone experiences on one level or another from time to time.  

But I never though that such experiences gave me the stupid excuse to loot and burn down businesses of my fellow Americans, nor set out to try and ruin entire beautiful downtown areas like the Antifa  lunatics and their lackies did in Cleveland.  

Ironically the cruelest treatment I experienced was at the hands of racist democrats and other black Americans, including the black Islamic thug who put a gun to my head and threatened to blow my brains out. He did so, because I did not express a positive opinion of a now deceased Nation of Islam leader who was based in Chicago.  Thanks be to the true and living God of the Bible I was able to overcome that ordeal.  I thank my own Dad for teaching me to be an overcomer, rather than a perpetual bitter victim.  Great Americans like Frederick Douglas, who overcame the bootheel of Democrat/KKK slavery, Jim Crow and systemic denial of opportunity did not allow the cruelty of others to turn him into a barbaric brute hell bent on destruction.  Instead, Mr. Douglas succeeded far beyond the level of the slave masters he let behind had obtained, long before slavery was ended by President Lincoln’s decree.  If people truly want a better life, they overcome exactly what is inhibiting them without literally destroying the economic means to succeed via rioting, looting and burning down businesses.  

I thought I would share a few statistics with you. The six thousand blacks shot by other blacks last year, do not matter to the black lives matter and the modern day overseer ANTIFA organization.  In 2018 Black people killed 2,600 other black Americans, while white Americans killed 234 Black Americans.  In 2019, nine black men were killed by police officers.  While nine is terrible, I would think that 2,600 black murders in one year by whomever would be reviled by most black Americans.  But unfortunately, most black Americans are suck ups to ANIFA and anything that is destructive to society. Leftist black Americans are well trained to care about what their Saul Alynski inspired leaders tell them to care about or ignore. That is why they do not give a damn about murders. The people in many black neighborhoods need police protection more than most people, but like trained useful idiots, many of them want to do away with the police.  The white liberals probably hope that those hankering for either defunding of the police, or a wholesale abolishment of cops get their wish. Why? because those globalist creeps hope the blacks wipe each other out via criminal activity the same way Margaret Sanger wanted blacks to reduce their numbers by murdering their babies. 

I find it ironic and retarded, that democrats, rhinos and assorted other leftists forced many states to get rid of the death penalty for murderers.  Yet they go off the deep end and want to murder our entire republic for the wrongful death of one man.  May God forgive America for allowing such travesty. But who are they going to call?  Maybe the urban fools can call ghost busters.  God bless you God bless America and may America bless God.