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Oh My God! America Is Racist Racist Racist Especially White Folks

Ever since the 1980s when I first accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, there have been major prayer sessions every single year against racism. Despite the fact that one cannot force anyone to like someone else who does not look or act like them, the prayers have gone up like clockwork.  Of […]

OK My Fellow Americans It Is Time To Not Take it Anymore

Among the enumerated protections against government tyranny in the United States Constitution is the First Amendment. Amendment 1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the […]

Truth to Liberty Or Lies to Tyranni It Is Up You

Sometimes it boggles my mind when I witness sovereign American citizens seemingly beg for the tyrannical lash of government. If I walk into a business establishment and have not donned a mask, it is amazing the grumpy/dirty looks I get.  Unfortunately, those gumps do not understand that being an obedient, modern day American style brownshirt […]

Why Does George Soros Bill Gates Wield So Much Influence In Our Republic

The Holy Bible plainly states that parents should train up their children in the way they should go so that they may not depart. Meaning that like all humans, they will make mistakes and sin.  But if parents take the time to raise their children in the right way, they most likely will not permanently […]

The Useful Idiots Just Won’t Go Away Yet

Throughout American history useful and in some cases not so useful idiots have always tried to gum up the works in society. When the communists took supreme power in Russia in 1917, Vladimir Lenin created a unique phrase to describe those who would unwittingly support his sinister and deadly agenda for his nation and the world at large—"the […]

The LGBT Unnatural Practitioners Are Destroying Via Lower Standard

America the beautiful used to have the best primary education on earth.  It did not matter where little Johnny or Jane attended class, it was guaranteed that if a student attended school they learned.  From the suburban campuses, country one room school houses, to inner city schools, everybody learned.  Unfortunately, the stupid and wasteful effort […]

While America Focuses On Covid-19 Islam Remains A Bigger Threat

Yes, it is true coronavirus poses an enormous threat to our republic and nations throughout the world. But I thoroughly believe that Islam represents an even bigger threat and is potentially more sickening. When I hear or read about leftists, ‘many funded by George Soros clanking on about bigotry and racism here in the United […]

Don’t Allow The Leftists To Fool You About Our Christian Heritage

When one either listens to leftist political leaders, leftist leaning educators and entertainers, it would seem as if America is just an evil place.  Leftists would also have you to believe that the righteous standards enumerated in our Christian Heritage is evil.  Think about it.  Those who have chosen the dark side of life, morally […]

Yet Another Reason Among Many To Love Texas

While growing up in Cleveland, I learned about the plight of the suffering that Jewish people endured at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis of Germany.  My Dad, our Jewish friends and lessons at school were my primary sources of being made aware of their plight.  Recently, Texas governor Greg Abbot led a delegation […]