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If the children of Israel did not give up and buckle under the threat of the Philistines after young future king David slew the big talking Goliath.  If British writer and jurist William Blackstone boldly proclaimed for freedom for the people. Although William Wilberforce who suffered from failing health he found the intestinal fortitude to […]

Political Leftists And Parasites It Is hard To Tell the Difference

There are a myriad of reasons why a human being becomes susceptible to the invasion of parasites into their bodies. There are both good and bad microorganisms that interact with our bodies. The good assist in the digestion of our food and aid in the process of the ability our immune systems to protect us […]


I will never forget my mostly happy childhood during the first twelve years ofmy life. The neighborhood was idyllic, with wonderful God fearing, kind andmostly successful neighbors. When I say successful, I do not mean that ourgreat neighborhood was an economic rival of the upper west side of Manhattan,but all the neighbors worked. Some were […]

Will The City I Love Ever Be Great Again

When I was growing up in Cleveland, one of the great pleasures of summer vacation was our annual family getaway.  Through the years we visited wonderful places like Boston, Washington DC., Montreal, Bermuda, Columbus, Utah, Arizona, etc.  Every year I lobbied for New York City.  But for some reason I was always out voted.  New […]