America Must Not Lose Her Roots

We all know that the United States of America came into being because of the brutal British monarchy of King George that provoked the colonists to rebel and seek liberty. The Founding Fathers were influenced by such great thinkers as William Blackstone who wrote the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights and led the Glorious Revolution. 

Blackstone also created a record of common law. Thus, the Founders had a good political foundation of which to build upon. But Men such as John Adams, George Washington and even Benjamin Franklin just to name a few understood the need for a higher moral standard. They knew that to realize the lofty goal of a good moral society, they must maintain connected to the source of good morality.

The founders believed that if the people remained moral and self governing, there would be no need for a cradle to grave domineering government. The Founders knew that a moral and free people would be more inclined to work, be creative, innovative and thus produce a better society. In fact, liberty which is a combination of freedom with responsibility can only exist so long as the people freely maintain it. 

First via an unyielding faith in our creator. Second, the teaching of his word and principles to every succeeding generation must never be stopped. Though the fight for liberty changed the course of history, there were those who did not want liberty, seeking Providential guidance or teachings from the Bible to the young. I guess you could call them the ancestors of the democrats of today. John Marshall (1755-1835), the Chief justice of the United States supreme Court, was appointed by President John Adams and held that position for 34 years. 

He had been a captain in the Revolutionary War and had served with General George Washington during the freezing winter at Valley Forge in 1777-78. Marshall was a member of the Virginia ratification of the constitution. He was also a strong advocate for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In the book America’s God and country, written by historian William Federer is chronicled an encounter where John Marshall addressed those who spent five hours raging against the teaching of Jesus Christ. The Winchester Republican newspaper published the following occurrence involving Chief Justice John Marshall at McGuire’s Hotel in Winchester, after he had encountered trouble with his carriage along the road. 

In the tavern a heated discussion arose among some young men regarding the merits of the Christian religion. The debate lasted from six o’ clock until eleven. No one knew Marshal who sat there listening. Finally, one of the youthful combatants turned to him and said: Well, my old gentleman, what think you of these things?” Marshall responded with a most eloquent and unanswerable appeal. “He talked for about an hour. He answered every ‘every argument urged against” the teachings of Jesus. “In the whole lecture, there was so much simplicity and energy, pathos and sublimity, that not another word was uttered.” The listeners wondered who the old man could be. 

Some thought him a preacher; and great was their surprise when they learned afterwards that he was the Chief Justice of the United States. Without making ostentatious professions of religion, he was a sincere believer in the Christian faith, and a truly devout man. Marshall, as well as most of the Founding Fathers understood that for America to be great, her people must remain morally good. They also understood, as do I that the good we seek comes through Christ who strengthens us through his word and sterling example of how to live. Unfortunately, throughout history and in our republic today, there is a sizeable number of those seeking to literally destroy our republic by calling those things that are good as though they are bad. Just as energetically they call those things that are evil good. 

Today’s educators, democrats and activist judges are trying to replace good with evil in every aspect of society. America’s founding and formation were both bathed in prayers to God almighty for his blessings, guidance, grace and mercy. Her Judeo/Christian roots cannot be denied nor allowed to be squandered away by those who prefer the evils of government tyranny, bad behaviors and evil murderous cruelties to unborn and newborn babies. The secret to America’s greatness is embedded in the beliefs and actions of We the People who are relied upon to maintain our exceptional Constitutionally limited government way of life. 

To do that, again we must be good and not need government over lording our lives. Freedom with personal responsibility equals true liberty, thus maintaining our republic. If we are willing to maintain the faith and exercise the moral principles rooted in the one who continues to bless us even now, America will remain great. Let’s talk about it Fridays at 4:00 PM emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada to other great radio outlets across 

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