The Jewsish nation of Israel is constantly in the crosshairs of a fast growing list of enemies.   The increasing number of those wanting to harm israel now includes the European Union nations that are on a United nations inspired sanction.  Not against the muslim nations, where Chritians, Blacks and others  are hunted down and slaughtered for political/religious reasons and for sport,  but rather, they plot against Israel for simply existing. 

These new haermful sanctions could very soon lead to a brutal palestinian state right next door to a shrunken down Israel, along the forced giveaway of eastern Jerusalem.  Moreover, theses new sanctions (decided in Brussels, Belgium) would include new so-called economic guidlines pohibiting money from the E.U. from flowing into Israel beyond the so-called green line, also known as the West Bank.  In order to receive funding, private Israeli enterprises are required to convince the European Union that they have absolutely no ties to the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem. 

The economic impact could be devestating, to say the least.  Many believe this E.U. sanction is part of a massive and growing attitude of anti semitism