By Ron Edwards

May 25, 2017

One of the most important lessons concerning how to get along with other nations is being taught by President Donald Trump. For much too long, the United States government has been guilty of trying so hard to be friends with enemy nations and certain Islamic groups at the expense of our nation’s safety, status and reputation. Progressive democrats and scared republicans have often agreed to treaties and trade agreements that only place our republic at a disadvantage.

By Ron Edwards

May 12, 2017

The liberty and sovereign nation hating globalists got their way again. I am referring to France, where brainwashed voters chose to further their nation’s standing in the world.  Sadly, because the people of France chose potential destruction over rebirth.  Paris the city of lights will continues to lose that shimmering luster.  The European Union will continue to force France to take in Muslim refugees.  Of course, they are only on a worldwide mission to destroy western civilization and replace it with sharia law.   Sharia law is designed to brutalize women and wipe out general societal norms and decency.

By Ron Edwards

May 5, 2017 

When one considers compromise it involves two or more individuals or groups giving and taking concerning ideas, actions, or both.  On the other hand, giving in simply means to allow the opposition to get everything they want, while receiving nothing or very little in return.  For much too long, conservative leaning republicans have often found themselves left with very little to write home about.  Sure, conservative republicans win in the battle of ideas.  But they often end up watching their progressive counterparts in the democrat party and RINO republicans stop them in their tracks.

By Ron Edwards

April 01, 2017


Throughout the annals of history, there has never been a nation of any stature that thrive after no longer defending it’s own borders.  Ancient Rome is perhaps the greatest example of a great nation that lost it’s greatness through open borders.  For over ten centuries the Empire of Rome ruled the known world.  She was the ultimate example of national prestige, power and glory.

By Ron Edwards

April 27, 2017

In many locales throughout the United States of America, there have been sovereign citizens physically attacked, while law enforcement personnel backed off and watched.  (the uproar in downtown Berkeley comes to mind)  Those paid rioters and property destroyers believe they are entitled to damage property and even shut down businesses that pay taxes to the big fat government they hope becomes even more draconian.

By Ron  Edwards

March 16. 2017

The republican effort to unravel and replace Obamacare is on the surface a worthy endeavor.  Some republicans want to slightly scale back the gruesome government’s role in health care.  Of course, those wanting us to be saddled with Obama’s legacy of government health care have noted that fewer people would be covered with health insurance if “Obama careless” is replaced with Obama lite healthcare.  It is nice that some republicans want to reduce the awful effects of Obama government healthcare.