The ‘Women Defending America’
Push for the release of Meriam Ibrahim

For Immediate Release – June 21, 2014

(Detroit) –‘Women Defending America’, a national women’s organization and branch of Stand Up America US is insisting the governments of Sudan and the United States of America immediately respond to the numerous appeals for the release of the Sudanese Christian woman who has been wrongfully apprehended along with her two children in a Sudanese Prison. Her name is Meriam Ibrahim.

This heinous act is an atrocity of the lowest depth of depravity that any human or group of people could do to another, says Denise Edwards, Communications Director of ‘Women Defending America’. 


Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her second child while in prison, a daughter, has committed no crime. She has simply chosen to believe in the true and living God and to place her trust in Him even at the expense of her life and that of her children. She was falsely accused of adultery because her husband is a Christian.

Her husband, along with her son and daughter, are American citizens and we have the right to demand the immediate release of this entire family. There have been reports of flogging and the chaining of her two year old son to the prison floor.

As Believers we understand that persecutions will come to all who profess Christ to a lost and dying world. Also as Believers, we know that when we pray, prison doors open and captives are set free. ‘Women Defending America’ stand in prayer and are following through with action to strongly request the release of Meriam Ibrahim, her two year old son, and her month old baby girl be restored without further harm to the loving arms of her husband and then immediately be granted asylum in the United States.

We are appealing to those in authority in our State Department for wisdom and favor to take action. We request the release of Meriam and all Christians around the world who have violated no one by employing their inalienable right to choose whom they shall worship.

“Women Defending America” stand united in our decision to present this appeal on behalf of Meriam Ibrahim. It is our firm desire to see her restored along with her children to her family.

Meriam’s declaration and amazing statement of faith, is an inspiration to us all and we know that she deserves the right to be reunited with her family now. ‘Women Defending America’ is urging all who read this to get involved and we urge you to contact the State Department and let them know that turning a deaf ear is not the America that represents us, ‘We The People’.

The time is now to correct the public record on ‘America First’ issues. It is now time to recover our Representative Constitutional Republic and State's Rights and to shun those who seek office for greed, avarice, and ‘party first’ politics.  It is our goal to educate the public and speak for our rights, and not to allow others to steal our voices and control the discussion.

It is our goal to correct the record on the history of the rights of all Americans, to correct the untruths, to combat the demagoguery of the left, to hold our press accountable, to hold our elected and appointed officials to their oaths, to right this ship of state, and to set our economic future on the path of prosperity. It is our goal to reclaim our national security and to support our troops, our veterans, and their families. To do this, wewomen will unite as one, with the support of the men and our families in our lives; to support those who proclaim and demonstrate that they are Americans First.


Denise Edwards - WWA Communications Director



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