By Ron Edwards

September 8, 2017One of the reasons that the left supports illegal immigration, DACA, or dreamers pouring into America is the effort to drown out our American heritage.  In fact, the deferred action on childhood arrivals (DACA) was devised by former president Obama to force his successor to make a very unpopular decision.  But what Obama did not calculate was that someone with the thinking skill set of president Donald J. Trump would emerge and correctly put the responsibility on congress to do their job and legislate on the matter

By Ron Edwards

September 1, 2017

Looking back on the wonder years of my childhood growing up in Cleveland, because of my father I learned quite a few life lessons before his untimely death when I was only twelve years of age.  Among the many points Dad made sure he drove home was to never start trouble with people and try to avoid trouble if others start it.  But if there is no way to avoid it do not run, but stop it.   For the most part, Dad’s meaningful advice served me very well.

By Ron Edwards

August 11, 2017

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad gave me a stern warning.  Several times, he alerted me about an impending development.  “Before I would become an old man, what I have been taught to be good would be condemned as evil.”  In the reverse Dad warned, “evil would be heralded as the new standard of good.”  I knew my Dad to be the most honest and straight forward of people.  So, I sadly believed him, but secretly hoped like heck, that this would be one of those rare occasions Dad would have been mistaken.  Of course, Dad pointed out that that the statement about calling evil good and good evil is in the Bible, so my hopes of it being false were completely dashed at that point.

By Ron Edwards

June 9, 2017

Just because London Paris, German, Sweden and other European locations have allowed themselves to be violent targets of devout Muslims, it doesn’t mean that we in the United States has to doom ourselves to the same stupid fate.  After all, we in America have enough problems with undereducated brainwashed thugs who are wreaking much havoc in some inner city “hoods.” In fact, many children in those “hoods” now suffer from post traumatic Stress Disorder. That is the same problem that many American soldiers face after the trials of war.  Think about it.  There are so many shootings, robberies, rapes and other destructive acts in the black “hoods” of Chicago, the east side of Cleveland, most of Detroit and elsewhere that many young black Americans do not know there is a better way of life.

Ron Edwards

July 7. 2017

There are few things more vexing than hair brained hypocrites that “don’t know nothin’ and got that mixed up.”  They always tell others how they should live and what they should do, while doing the opposite themselves.  In fact, Jesus once stated, “how can one condemn another for the splinter in his eye, while having a huge beam in his own eye.”

Ever since then presidential candidate Donald Trump made his famous glide down the escalator in Trump Tower, the American leftists have been condemning and cursing him and his family.  Not because of horrible deeds.  But because they believe that Trump’s desire to see America great again is repulsive to them.  Both the political and religious left consider making America great to be a horrible deed and will crudely attack anyone who doesn’t agree with their goal of recreating a Venezuelan style communist hell hole here in the United States.  Yet as they want to force their oppressive designs upon us by telling us we should live like peasants to save the environment, they expect to live a life of luxury like Al Gore and the Obama’s do

By Ron Edwards

June 2, 2017 

During the eight horrendous years of the Berry Obama regime, America was in rapid decline.  Of course, you are probably saying duh to that obvious truth.  But even before the worst president in United States history, our republic became wrongfully entangled in unnecessary international trade and purchasing agreements that helped to deflate our nation’s economic might over several decades.