The upcoming presidential election is very important. But making it the preeminent focus may prove to be fool hearty for “We the People.” Ever since I began to seriously pay attention to the American election process during my high school years, one thing has been abundantly clear. The primary and in some cases the only real focus is on the presidency. Now don’t get me wrong, the office of president of the United States of America is very important. In fact, it should be highly regarded not only by sovereign citizens, but also by those who are blessed to be elected to that office.


Ron Edwards

October 18,2015

The politically correct control freaks are on the move and way beyond crazy. For example, political correct lemmings are so goofy they want to let terrorists and other illegal immigrants into America while attacking cumulus clouds in their wacky environmental movement war on the United States. Of all places, Philadelphia the city of brotherly love, where the Founding Fathers assembled at Independence Hall and declared freedom from British tyranny just a few years ago witnessed it’s tyrannical mayor unleash his powerful government wrath against the Boy Scouts. He threatened to boot them out of their historical national headquarters because at the time Boy Scout leaders were still holding on to the Christian principles that were the hallmark of that organization.

By Ron Edwards

The Bible plainly states that when the evil reign, the people mourn. The current leadership is so wicked that even Lady Liberty in New York City Harbor is crying so much she is rusting again. Our onetime gleaming cities are once again chocked full of crime in mostly black neighborhoods and wherever illegal immigrants are trolling about. Isn’t it ironic that in black neighborhoods where big government has the most influence via so called help that is where life is most miserable?

Whenever progressive democrats get the chance, they always prod society further away from the Biblical principles that were the foundation of American greatness. They consistently harp on about an inclusive society that does not leave anyone out. But the problem is, the inclusion the progressives are agitating to flood America with illegal immigrants and replace God’s Adam and Eve concept with Bubbah and Billy. The progressives seek to strengthen the likes of black lives matters loons, baby parts marketers, dedicated muslims who torture animals, burn Christians and rape little boys to please themselves and their powerless god. Yet the inclusive seekers feverishly work to extinguish the principles of true liberty and justice for all.

Recently someone asked me a very insightful question. Since black Americans are always complaining about and committing dastardly acts, because of real or imagined problems, how is it that they have become what they have complained about? When I was viewing the ongoing criminal activity of burning, looting and physical violence against reporters who were simply doing their job I became quite angry. It did not matter to me what the angry black men and women were upset about. The brutal demonstrators threw rocks at police cars and set fires to businesses, including liquor stores they raided. Of course they consumed fire water and had a jolly good time giving the ultimate display of how uncivilized people can be. The massive void of common decency and wisdom among the population of criminals was jaw dropping.

President Obama proves over and over again how the idiocy of modernity is utterly jaw dropping. The president recently stated that the United States is now the “most respected country in the world.” I had to review that statement several times over and over again, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. First of all, from the outset of his first term in office, the White House Occupier has seen fit to purposefully disrespect our allies. Not since the 1938 Munich Conference, where First Lord of the admiralty Duff Cooper resigned in protest from British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s cabinet has there been a leader of a nation so adamant to appease enemies of his country, until now.

The progressives are guilty of what they have often accused others of being. Hypocrites. So now the elitist progressives have dubbed the support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman as bigotry equal to racism. It is amazing how with a straight face at least publicly, the progressives actually equate marriage between a man and a woman with racism and bigotry. Such an argument obviously borders on insanity. But the mistake would be to laugh it off and act like it is just silly liberals with nothing better to do.