By Ron Edwards
February 26, 2016

Every time I hear progressive Black American politicians, community organizers, professors, or certain preachers, the complaints are always the same. “America is simply racist” “the police are out to kill us,” “black lives matter.” Oh I almost forgot! The other standby complaint, “we be held down by da man.” Unfortunately, the legions of black American government school victims are hardwired for duty in the army of progressive destruction of American society.

I find it ironic, that during the height, or low of American segregation during the early to mid 20th century, black Americans were mostly upwardly mobile. They didn’t sit around seeking to live off of government handouts or beg to be allowed into white owned or dominated establishments. That held true until the civil or bastardized rights movement. Segregation was seen as something to overcome through self-determination via black owned businesses of all stripes.

By Ron Edwards
February 5, 2016

Have you noticed how America continues to decline as rapidly as she sheds our nation’s Christian Heritage? From two major directions, the assault on Christianity and even the right of Christians to freely exercise their religious liberties continues to manifest. The first major battering ram against Christianity in the United States is the government school system. For many generations, the bigoted administrators and their educator lackies have systematically weaned generation after generation away from Christian influences.

By Ron Edwards
January 15, 2016

Despite whatever President Obama said during his state of the union address, America the beautiful is broken. Obama’s state of the union speech reminded me of his 2004 Democrat convention oratory. His address was filled with socialist idealistic imagery, with attempts at igniting a passionate and mindless following by a misled and ill-informed sea of people willing to help him shove America over the cliff and unto the ash heap of history.

There were the typical political style utilization of numerous half-truths, hyperbole and non-sequiturs to make mostly non-existent and partisan points, while forging ahead with politics as usual. To sum it up, it was a speech that became the hallmark of Barack Hussein Obama’s progressive political career. There are some who believe he has retreated to his anti-American roots as a community organizer.

The upcoming presidential election is very important. But making it the preeminent focus may prove to be fool hearty for “We the People.” Ever since I began to seriously pay attention to the American election process during my high school years, one thing has been abundantly clear. The primary and in some cases the only real focus is on the presidency. Now don’t get me wrong, the office of president of the United States of America is very important. In fact, it should be highly regarded not only by sovereign citizens, but also by those who are blessed to be elected to that office.

January 1, 2016

Should Americans be comfortable with the current refugee vetting process? Recently, the world was rocked by high profile Islamic terrorist attacks in far flung locales such as Paris France and San Bernardino, California. Some Americans have begun to raise serious concerns about how well individuals coming into the United States are screened. Particularly, those streaming into our republic from such unfriendly places like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Northern Sudan are a justifiable cause for concern.

I have wondered if the vetting process is really any good in the present configuration, particularly in regard to checking out people who are dedicated to a religion that thrives on the deception of non-participants. Many passports certain people are using to get into our republic could and have at times been filled with false information. In fact, some Muslim refugees traipsing into our nation have been found to be carrying false information about themselves.


Ron Edwards

October 18,2015

The politically correct control freaks are on the move and way beyond crazy. For example, political correct lemmings are so goofy they want to let terrorists and other illegal immigrants into America while attacking cumulus clouds in their wacky environmental movement war on the United States. Of all places, Philadelphia the city of brotherly love, where the Founding Fathers assembled at Independence Hall and declared freedom from British tyranny just a few years ago witnessed it’s tyrannical mayor unleash his powerful government wrath against the Boy Scouts. He threatened to boot them out of their historical national headquarters because at the time Boy Scout leaders were still holding on to the Christian principles that were the hallmark of that organization.