Do you recall the old saying that sometimes when hear someone always accusing people of a particular act or wrong activity, they are probably guilty themseves?  Throughout the past few decades I have witnessed liberals often accusing conservatives, Christians and patriots of being racist, sexist, biased and or bigoted.  Funny thing though, I always thought it was the liberals who were and remain the real bigots.  After all it was liberals who mainly come from the Democrat, socialist and communist parties, all of which have long histories of alarming levels of overt and covert discrimination.


    From slavery, jim crow, anti black male propaganda in the media, anti Christian attitudes in both the government and government schools and on and on.  I could continue to list liberal bigoted practices but that could take up all the space for this article.  But before moving on one premeir example of liberal bigotry comes to mind.  throughout the U.S. military, it is open season on Christians and their activities of their faith.  For example, Christian chaplains have been harassed by a new breed of liberal military higher ups.  They have threatened to take action against christian soldiers for simply praying together. 

     Christian chaplains have been ordered to not even mention Jesus Christ!! who is the primary reason for their beliefs.  Yet those liberals participating in such bully discrimination against Christians are the same ones who like to run around preaching tolorance, inclusion and diversity. Of course, they are unaware that diviersity actually helps promote division (not societal unity) But then again, maybe liberals do understand that PC diversity only helps to divide an balkanize our republic.

     Anyway, liberal diversity discrimination has reared it's ugly head again.  This time in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts where officials have adopted an official policy to weed out foster parents with conservative values, who would only tolerate a young person's gender confussion, but not endorse it.  Foster care big wigs in massachusetts have declared that parents with traditional values are unacceptable.  This effort to rid the foster parent process of conservative christian parents is in line wih Saul Alinski and president Barach Obama's belief in getting rid of do-gooders in your organization.

     In other words, they (meaning liberals) are embarking in the efort to eliminate the practitioners of the solid principles of family, economics, Christianity, the Constitution, and education that have proven to build a strong, blessed and powerful United States of America.  The long term goal of the Salinski inspired hypocritical liberals is to overthrow our Constitutionally Limited Republic and replace it with a miserable dictatorship hat demands that we accept unnatual behaviors, wealth redistribution and life without the God who shed his grace upon America.  To those who subscribe to such poppycock, enjoy your very temporary day in the politically correct sun.

     Ultimately, We who see and follow he light of truth shall win and you will utterly lose.  How do i know?  I read the end of the Book.  For even your rusty knees shall bow.                                    

                                       Ron Edwards