By Denise Edwards

“Women Defending America” (WDA) is an emerging organization that was birthed out of the hearts of men and women who care about the direction in which this country is heading.

As a part of MG Vallely’s Stand Up America US organization, America’s women at WDA are directing their voices against the Democrat’s lies about their so-called “War on Women.”


We give voice to the real issues that deeply matter to our country, our children, our families, and our future.GruberStaigerLevinePaperAbortion.360

As the National Communications Director for WDA, I am focused on a particular pathway and pattern, drawn from our past that helps set the proper direction as decided by the people, not some egghead MIT professor or “big government’ politicians.

This is a path where human life is cherished; and speaks with America instead of telling Americans what its people need because the “voters are stupid!”

According to Natural News:

The architect of the Affordable Care Act who is the focus of much controversy following a series of admissions that the passage of President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation could only be achieved by lying to the American people published a paper during the Clinton presidency noting that legalizing abortion had saved Uncle Sam $14 billion in assistance to poor mothers and cut the crime rate.

As reported by WorldNetDaily, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor of economics — who wrote the paper (see it here[PDF]) with fellow economists Phillip Levine of Wellesley College and Douglas Staiger of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government — “argued… that without the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, ‘marginal children’ would have been born to many poor mothers.” (Read the rest here.)

According to US Abortion, In the US alone, since Roe v. Wade in 1973, there have been close to 58 million aborted children. You can visit that site and see the stats and the counter for abortions worldwide and tragically the specific number of black births.

The number of aborted black pregnancies is a number that could only be celebrated in hell by people like Margret Sanger, Hitler, and all Klansmen. The Eugenics movement and philosophy is apparently alive and well today.

For the Obama Administration and the Huber-types to assume so insultingly, that most of these births would be to poor mothers and their prodigy would most likely be of the criminal ilk, is both ludicrous and greatly overstated.

masthead-logo-printI spoke with renowned economist David L. Littmann on the lunatic premise of this abstract insanity.

Littmann is senior economist with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a research and educational institute headquartered in Midland, Michigan.

It is the largest state-based, free-market think tank in the country.

Mr. Littman shared with me that it “stands logic on its head because it deprived the U.S. of a life of productivity and working careers.”

He took the median income of an average American working 40 years, which is not even a whole life span, and the value of that productivity amounts to $2 million per person.

If we again look at the Abortion clock and round up to 58 million aborted babies, the total lost and unrecoverable impact on our nation’s productivity reaches $ 1.16 trillion. Yes he said trillion and that is only the economic impact of these abortions and does not address the moral issues so freely disregarded by the left.

“We have aborted what amounts to the size of an actual country. What a colossal loss–just of material well-being and prosperity to our economy– not to mention the immoral foreclosure on human capital and choices.” – David L. Littmann

The Obama Care regime brags of saving $14 billion, but does not account for the inverted truth that more correctly, we lost so much more as a nation since we started killing our own in mass.

half_page_bubble_margaretsangerKeep in mind, in that 58 million, we are not taking into account the number of potential millionaires and billionaires that would have been born in that time frame. That calculation was solely based on the median income of the average US citizen.

What we perilously and grievously lost by their way of thinking, the realization arises that what dregs on society we may have avoided through abortion, pales in comparison to the true loss.

How many inventions were lost, scientific discoveries not found, or cures for diseases not proven, or businesses that would have created jobs have we lost? How many great ideas, movies, plays, playwrights, music, artists, books, chefs, and teachers have we lost?

How many friends, relatives, neighbors, and all around great people that could have had a positive affect on this country and the world at large have we lost?

Shame on an administration that values its self in dollars saved and does not see its own demise in the value of   lives lost.

“We as a nation must stop destroying the next assignment of God in the earth.”