The word common is erets in the Hebrew it means, nations, way or world.

Core means the central innermost part of, the most essential part of anything.

My husband has always said that this indoctrination system called the NEA is the worst enemy of our nation. With those definitions in mind is this agenda in education really essential to the innermost part of our children's development? Common Core is a one size fits all system designed o massively  dumb down our children and all future generations. We no longer care about reading, writing and arithmetic. We want to save the planet, the owls and the turtles while teaching them that killing the children is choice and not murder. We want condoms on banans and recycle bins on every curb. Cursive writing is being removed so that our children wont be able to sign contracts or documents it will all be digital.


No cursive writing instruction will create generations unable  to read all the founding documents of our nation or even the letter my grancmother and mother left me before they died. A new math so ridiculous that parents cannot help their own children because we were never taughtit it, which alienates parents and children and sends the children back into the arms of their government educator for help. Learn more about common core so that you can stop this insidious evil from taking the minds of our children and grandchidren.

The common core of this country is the sustaining grace that the Father shed upon us and we must bring the word of God back into the schools. You may say that is religion no it is exposing our youth to history, science, poetry music and yes the truth about the living God.

As parents we are without excuse give them daily instruction in the word so that they will develop a wisdom beyond this world system. Read Proverbs daily there are 30 of them so take it once a day like a vitamin.

If you dont fill that space in their hearts and minds the enemy will and you may one day not recognize that child you love so much. Visit this link for the ones you love.

Wallbuilders David Barton