By Ron Edwards

May 19, 2017

The first president of our republic, George Washington stated,  “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”  A nation is made great by it’s people and their values.  What is taught to one generation usually dictates the direction will take in the next.  It has also been said that a nation rises and falls on its leadership or lack therein.  Throughout the Bible, it is noted that when ancient Israel had a king who reverenced God and held the word of God in high esteem, the apple of God’s eye nation prospered.

By Ron Edwards

April 20, 217

From the outset, I must give the socialists/communists/progressives who are on their evil mission to destroy America credit for never backing down from their wicked goal.  Just so no one gets it twisted, I in no way agree with them.  Ever since the early years of the twentieth century, government school teachers or indoctrinators gradually increased the level of bigoted anti American, anti-constitutional teachings to succeeding generations of American students.

Ron Edwards

April 07,2017

In the Bible, the book of proverbs tells us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”  The American founders certainly understood the importance of sound education that maintains the link between biblical moral absolutes and the future of the nation.  It was my own dad who first told me that what is taught to one generation can dictate the direction the republic will take in the next one.

By Ron Edwards
September 30, 2016

One of the major bi-products of the horrendous government school system in America is the of telling lies. Also the habit of purposely or by accident neglecting to either reveal or give proper focus concerning current events, issues and tragedies that occur in our republic. For example, let us take the issue of black men being shot by police officers. If you listen to broadcast opinion pundits or read columnists who lean to the political and moral left. They all have one thing in common. That is an aversion to the truth or the whole truth.

By Ron Edwards

March 24. 2017

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi once again recently displayed her callous disregard for the constitution and Bill of Rights.  She stated that president Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget fails as a statement of values, but succeeds as a “deconstruction” of the federal government.  I am amazed at Pelosi’s callous disregard for the constitutionally mandated role of the federal government.  On the other hand, for the sake of argument, it is possible that former speaker Pelosi suffers from a brutal lack of knowledge concerning the constitutionally mandated role of the federal government.

By Ron Edwards
August 19, 2016


The great Frederick Douglas was born into slavery in 1818 and later died one of the major pillars of American history in 1895. He had a natural desire to seek the truth. Douglas also refused to except the bonds of physical, mental, or either spiritual slavery. Unfortunately, today far too many of our countrymen and women have fallen prey to the slavery of self defeat and bitterness, which in turn negatively affects our republic. Meanwhile, the United States as a whole has suffered a major decline because many sovereign individuals are achieving far below their positive potential. I am amazed at how Frederick Douglas focused upon and obtained his own freedom, long before Lincoln freed the slaves. Mr. Douglas lived a full life as an author, statesman and abolitionist. He was arguably the greatest orator of the 19th century.