As America continues to remain the debt ridden slave to lender nation governments the U.S regime acts as if money is no object.  In the area of government excess, it is difficult to top a series of stupid grants recently awarded by the National Endowment for The Humanities that have drawn the scrutiny of a few conservative lawmakers like Jeff Sessions of Alabama.  Amongst the numerous examples of wasting your tax dollars was $24,990 dollars on a study to figure out what is a monster?  (I guess they were caught up in the spirit of Halloween)  Another study for $25,000 was alloted for the study of What is the good life?  Also, $23,000 was forked over to find out why people are bad?

     Oh yes, and let's not forget the Billion plus tax dollars for the rooling out of the glitch plagued Obama Healthdoom (uh care).  Congress's own investigative arm of the Government Accountability Office has undertaken three expensive studies since 2010 that documet billions and billions of dollars in federal agency waste, overlap and duplication.  Well I can tell congres for free!  We all can document the biggest governmental waste of tax dollars in human history right there in the beltway. 

     What governmen must do NOW! before it is too late, is stop trying to be everthing to everbody, or the sugardaddy to the world through wrong headed  wealth redistribution.  For example, unconstitutional traitorous activities like sneaking aid to terrorist rebels throughout the middle east.  With 70 confirmed communists in congres and dozens of liberals and RINOS it doesn't look like fiscal integrity is in our nations near future.  Of course, it will take "We The People" in masse demanding a stop to the government's budgetary buffoonary.  If the government elites are not prevented from spending our republics future away, history will not be kind to the generation that allowed the financial death of the greatest economic engine in global history.  Such willful blindness must be turned into an eye opening regeneration of Government of by and fof the people.