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STRONG QUAKE ROCKS MEXICO CITY...    ANNIVERSARY OF '85 TREMOR...    60+ DEAD; HOURS AFTER EMERGENCY DRILLS...    BUILDINGS COLLAPSE, RUBBLE IN STREETS...    PEOPLE TRAPPED...    7.1 MAG...    MAP...    MONSTERSTORM DIRECT HIT PUERTO RICO    BANKRUPT ISLAND BRACES...    RATIONS SUPPLIES...    MARIA CAT 5; 160 MPH WINDS... MORE...    'Evacuate or die'...    CONE...    Caribbean islands 'devastated'...    8-year-old football players take knee during national anthem...    FACEBOOK ads take sour turn...    Headless UBER Crashes...    Hungary set for fresh anti-Soros blitz...    ISRAEL SHOOTS DOWN IRANIAN-BUILT DRONE...    PAPER: Wenner really blew it with ROLLING STONE...    Defamation suit over rape article revived...    Sh*t and run: Lady jogger terrorizes neighborhood by dumping all over it...    TRUMP TAKES UN...    Slams Socialism...    Targets rogue regimes...    Threatens to destroy NKorea...    Draws applause for blasting Iran... MORE    BOLTON: BEST SPEECH OF PRESIDENCY...    IRAN PRESIDENT DARES USA TO KILL NUKE DEAL...    Tourism to USA Falls...    City gets rid of Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day...    STOCKS HIT ANOTHER RECORD HIGH...    DOW Up 4,000 Points Since Election..    Bank Warns Prices Most Elevated In History...    Clock ticks as Republicans try to repeal Obamacare...    McConnell urges quick action...    Russian helicopter accidentally opens fire on bystanders with MISSILES...    O'Reilly Fights Back Against Accusers on 'TODAY'...    Ouster 'Hit Job'...    Hollywood newest trick: September summer blockbuster...    California exodus continues?    Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32M People Seized in Single NYC Bust...    'Suicide Prevention Fence' Added To George Washington Bridge...    Robot muscle lifts 1,000 times own weight!    Maio charts course to be Italy PM...    Spanish Foreign Minister Says Catalans Using 'Nazi' Tactics...    Mayors remain silent during referendum questioning...    ANNIE LENNOX: Wanton plundering of Earth risking human existence...    Nine stray elephants electrocuted in freak accident...    CA Schools Want To Ditch Letter Grade System...    Students offered extra credit to determine their level of 'white privilege'...    High Schoolers Forced To Lay In Dark Room, Wrists Bound As 'Slavery Project'...    Cellphone bomb found in passenger luggage at airport...    Tabloid TV War: PAGE SIX, DAILY MAIL Join TMZ in Crowded Space...    T-MOBILESPRINT in merger talks...    MANAFORT WIRETAPPED...    FLASHBACK: CLAPPER CATEGORICALLY DENIED...    WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW?    NBCNEWS Chief Presides Over Ratings Gains, Uneasy Talent...    So long summer, Tahoe forecast shows snow...    WWI submarine found with bodies of 23 lost crew...    Gay-porn-actor-turned-spy who posed as jihadist avoids jail over attempt to share secrets...    Humans biologically programmed to nap in afternoon...    Finland Welfare State Has Massive Baby Problem...    Japan's over-90 population soars as birth rate plummets...

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Welcome To The  Edwards Notebook

Welcome to Ron Edwards will rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society. Ron Edwards is the host and founder of the award winning radio commentary, The Edwards’ Notebook. It brings to light and provides solutions for the concerns we all share in a thought provoking manner. The Edwards’ Notebook is heard in over 56 different markets by 3- 4 million listeners daily. Weekends over 135 markets.

Ron Edwards is going to bridge the gap of foolish thinking to the reality of a sound minded morally driven society. The truth is we must rebuild the core bases that create a civilized society. The Seven Pillars of Society reestablished with the partners of The Edwards Notebook. Family, Providential Guidance, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Media, Government.

Listen to a 2 day interview with Ron Edwards on CPR Media, Constitutional Patriot Radio Network. April 29 and 30th


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Ron Speaking at Northern Virginia Tea Party


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